Sleeveless Coats: Yay or Nay?


But surely sleeves make more sense in the pursuit of warmth, right? Then what is the point of sleeveless coats?


Bul Kaldur Midi dress | Staple the Label Sleeveless Coat | ASOS Heels | Zara Clutch (dress and coat available from Periscope)
Photographer: Ryan Ammon


sleeveless-coats-bul-staple-the-label-the-treasury-little-miss-mon-bon-2Sleeveless coats have never really made much sense to me. In fact, all sleeveless winter wear has always had me quite perplexed (and don’t even get me started on those weird vest jumpers all school teachers and physical education teachers seem to own, and wear with just a t-shirt underneath). Aren’t jackets, coats and knits all purchased on the premise that they will keep you warm? Wouldn’t sleeves do a far better job at that than bare or lesser covered arms?

My opinions and I stand corrected. My great friend (and man in the know), Dusty at Lululemon, convinced me that keeping your core warm while your arms were bare, or bearing less clothing, was extremely beneficial – especially in our mild Perth winters. As someone who is willing to give almost anything but Stan Smiths and a pretty dress a shot (these short, muscly legs need the help of heels!), the sleeveless winter-wear got a second chance.

sleeveless-coats-bul-staple-the-label-the-treasury-little-miss-mon-bon-3I possibly should have waited until we weren’t sweltering through more 30+ degree days to re-road test sleeveless coats and knits, but I still got the general gist. Warm but cool. Cosy but some breathing room. Toasty with out sweltering. I got it, OK? I was playing naive and I was basing my opinions on the fact that I hadn’t really given anything other than fur vests a chance (which I still find too warm and to not suit my style). Confession made.

I still don’t know if my second serving will ensure that many vests will wind up in my wardrobe this autumn/winter, but I can safely say that I now see the merits in owning at least one vest or vest coat. Plus, I am digging the maxi vest over maxi dress look at the moment, so forgetting the warmth or cold factor, I can see myself getting into something like this a little more often.

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