Transeasonal Style


When the weather is an odd mix between winter and summer, our outfits should be too. What is your transeasonal style?



Beginning Boutique jumpsuit | Asos shirt (similar here and here) | Misano shoes (similar here and here) | Quay Muse Sunglasses
Photographer: Ryan Ammon


transeasonal-style-beginning-boutique-little-miss-mon-bontranseasonal-style-beginning-boutique-little-miss-mon-bon-3The weather has no idea what it is doing at the moment – one day it is 40 degrees, and a few days later it is stormy and 27 degrees. It is as indecisive as I am when made to choose between red wine or white wine. To be honest, I don’t so much mind the curveballs mother nature is throwing us at the moment. After a few scorching days, it isn’t so bad having an excuse to snuggle up on the couch and listen to the thunder rolling somewhere in the distance (this is the story of my Saturday night).

This transition period between summer and autumn, and similarly from autumn to winter, always seems to stump people when it comes to clothing choices. Do we put away the summer clothes? Do we hold out on pulling out the winter knits? Is it warm enough for bare legs? Well, A little bit of variety never hurt anyone, so I keep a little of both my summer and winter wardrobes handy for a rainy day (quite literally).


With my rather limited winter wardrobe – let’s face it, I migrate to where ever it is warm, and purchase pieces to reflect my love of sunshine instead of heavy coats – extending the wearability of my summer wardrobe helps me to maintain some variety in my outfits each day. Our winters are, in general, quite mild, so my dresses and jumpsuits stay on my racks year round, giving me more option than just a standard jeans and jumper combo.

My transeasonal wardrobe always includes light, chambray shirts, light knits and (recently) sleeveless coats (I can’t believe I said that!), to add a little extra warmth overtop a flouncy summer outfit. Some of my favourite transeasonal looks combine winter knits with bare legs, or jeans and a slinky camisole, so having both of my wardrobes at the ready is absolutely necessary.


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