The Busy Girl’s Guide to Making Time For Your Friends


How often do you see your friends? Could you make a little bit more effort to arrange to see them? Are you really that incredibly busy that you don’t have time a little bit more time for them?

I have started to dedicate more time to just hanging out with my friends, and I am reaping the rewards of fruitful friendships in doing so…


Lurv crop and leggings from Lafit Studio


Lurv-Lafit-beach-activewear-8It’s the same old excuse we all use… ‘I just don’t have the time to see them’. Yes, we are all incredibly busy these days, I get it, but you should always have time for people you care about.

Over the years, I have learned many valuable lessons about who I choose to dedicate my time to. I have spent countless hours with ‘acquaintances’, trying to build a harmonious – and most importantly, equal – friendship, only to give up on that friendship tired, worn and a little burned because my effort far outweighed theirs. I have not dedicated enough time to building certain friendships and lost them, and I most certainly have found myself in the trap of forgetting to nurture certain friendships when a man comes into my life.

I like to think that I have lived and learned… and changed my behaviour accordingly.

I haven’t forgotten the lessons I learned in forgetting about my friends when a man comes into my life (in fact, now my partner and I never question each other’s choices to go and spend time with our friends separately), nor the lessons I learned in dedicating too much time and effort into someone who wasn’t reciprocating that time and effort. One big lesson that has stuck with me, courtesy of Sir Richard Branson, is that you are better off having 10 close friends than you are 30 good friends. It sounds rather selective, exclusive and, well, a bit rude, but it now makes perfect sense to me. We are busy. With a limited number of hours each day, there is only so much time we can dedicate to others. Having 10 close friends to spread your time around, as opposed to trying to share your time around 30 good friends, means you have more quality time that you can dedicate to each person, allowing a stronger and more meaningful friendship to form.

So how do you find the time to dedicate to your close friends when we are all so busy? Think about trying some of these ideas to fit in more quality time…

Lurv-Lafit-beach-activewear-6Work out together…

The whole reason my girlfriends and I began Fit Club Perth was to promote the idea of hanging out with your friends, with the added bonus of maintaining fitness and health. It all began at Lafit Studio (who, by the way, now sell activewear – like this Lurv kit!) with weekly Lagree classes, and now we see each other regularly to work out at least once a week. While the class itself may not prove to be the best environment to have a D&M with your bestie(s), if there is a cafe nearby, you can schedule in some time after class to sit down and refuel over coffee and an acai bowl together.

Help each other out…

Doing chores may not seem like the most pleasant of ways to spend time together, but a good friend is always their to help another friend, so don’t be afraid to call on them to give you a hand. Adelle, Emily, Jenelle and I always call on each other to help out with shoots (which isn’t so much a chore and generally works both ways), but if you need a hand moving bricks, cleaning out your wardrobe, or painting a room, the deal can be sweetened with the promise of a delicious lunch break together and a good few hours of conversation!

Lurv-Lafit-beach-activewear-3Learn something together…

As friends, you would want to hope you had something in common… Perhaps you both have a desire to learn a new language, or to get a better grasp on photography, whatever it is, booking into a short course or singular masterclass together is a great excuse to catch up. Again, the actual class might not be interactive enough to actually hang out, but while you are out learning, you can always take an extra 30 minutes to have a coffee or glass of wine together.

Book in to get your hair done at the same time…

It sounds silly, but when else do you have over an hour of time to kill and just wish you had something more interesting to do/read? Last time I went to get my hair done, it took a good 1.5-2 hours from start to finish… that is 1.5-2 hours of time that you could be chatting away with your friend (and keeping yourself entertained!)
Lurv-Lafit-beach-activewear-5 Lurv-Lafit-beach-activewear-2

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