Finding the Perfect Pair of White Jeans

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The struggle of jean shopping becomes all that more real when you are searching for jeans in white denim…


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I couldn’t tell you how many pairs of white jeans I have optimistically tried on in the last few years, hoping and praying that this pair would miraculously look better than the last pair that I tried on. I have always thought that white jeans looked so light and fresh, and I was keen on having another great alternative to black or blue jeans. Let me tell you, unless you are blessed with beautiful long, lean legs, white jean shopping is not easy. I have witness my legs looking like two overstuffed sausages a few too many times for my liking. It made me concede to the fact that I was never going to be able to wear a pair of white skinny jeans like all of those models on Pinterest can… like I somehow thought I could.

Thankfully, my adventurous nature and ‘never say never’ attitude convinced me to continue pursuing the perfect pair of white denim jeans for the vertically challenged, and for those with a generous muscle distribution in the leg region. White skinny jeans have become a definite no go, as the compromise that is made to accommodate for stretch, leaves the material lacking in coverage. The thinner material of some stretch jeans is not forgiving on rounder parts, much less in white. In fact, I don’t think you could even classify some of the flimsy white jeans I tried on as even being ‘denim’. My saviour came in the form of a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, in a thick white denim not dissimilar to the material of a good pair of sturdy work jeans. The thicker, looser fitting denim, means more structure and less areas of unwanted ‘cling’ (and subsequent sausage-effect), especially in those areas that women are naturally most self conscious about.

While they aren’t necessarily the sleekest looking pair of jeans for a date at a high end restaurant, they are a pair of white jeans that I can wear proudly and confidently.

So, what do I believe you should look for when purchasing the perfect pair of white jeans?

  • thick, quality denim – you may have to pay a little more for a higher quality denim brand, but it is worth it
  • avoid skinny styles – as mentioned, there is often a compromise in the quality of the fabric to get the desired stretchiness. That often results in thinner material that clings to you in a less forgiving manner than a darker colour. If you can find a pair of skinnies in a heavy material, fantastic (let me know where!), but if you can’t opt for a more structured cut (cigarette, tapered or mum style) or a loose fitting boyfriend.
  • attention pulling details – while a pair of straight up, clean white jeans sounds appealing, they are so hard to pull off. Make sure you find a pair with both front and back pockets, interesting seaming or even rips and distressed patches, just to break up the stark white a little and distract the eye.

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