Bikini Body – An Editorial by Inspiring Wit

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How to get a bikini body:

1) Buy a bikini

2) Wear it

The single best meme the internet has ever been host to.


The real question this meme raises is, ‘what in the world is a bikini body’? There is no Webster definition for ‘bikini body’, and if the world cannot be united on a vote as to whether tomato sauce (or ketchup for our American counterparts) should be kept in the fridge or in the pantry, then there surely cannot be one single correct idea of what a bikini body actually is. The words frustrate me just as much as blatantly obvious, selective desaturation does.

I nerded out hard on science in high school. After dance, it the class I most looked forward to. I was great at science and, unlike maths or society and environment, I seem to have retained a lot of what I had learned. In science, I only learned about 3 different body types – the ectomorph, the metomorph and the endomorph (and various combinations of the 3). From what I know, there is absolutely no ‘bikini body’ anywhere in human biology.

If it isn’t anywhere in human biology, in the whole of science, or even noted down in the any of the Webster dictionary editions… then where the bloody hell is it?

This undefined ‘bikini body’ can only be what you make it.

My bikini body has short legs, a whole lot of junk in the trunk, and very little left to fill the racks, but that is what I have and therefore that is what I make it.

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