Kaliver Rosé Resort 2016

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“Kaliver is an empowering blend of femininity and strength. Every woman is beautiful and Kaliver complements and enhances this natural beauty”.


Wearing Kaliver
Photography: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit (click through to see her editorial with Kaliver too)

Kaliver Editorial_2105_2192Kaliver Editorial_2105_2515Expressing my femininity through my choice in clothing has never been something I have shied away from. In fact, my love for the feminine, and garments with fluidity and movement, has been well documented on Little Miss Mon Bon.

Call me a creature of habit, but I love the comfort I find in a feminine dress. Feminine dresses do more than just make me feel more ‘pretty’. They immediately make me stand taller, elongate my legs and torso, pull my shoulders down, lift my chin, and focus my gaze. Short of actually prepping for a pirouette, an overtly feminine piece takes me back to all of the poise I learned in ballet, and the power that poise had over your audience, no matter how imperfect your technique was. Just like putting on a lick of red lipstick, or a sexy pair of black stilettos, slipping into a feminine cut or colour can give you that little confidence boost you needed to walk a little prouder.

With that confidence boost in mind, Kaliver’s Rosé Resort 2016 was born – A collection created to enhance a woman’s natural beauty through a blend of feminine yet powerful pieces. Head designer Roni Cross’s consideration for the feminine curve, and the needs of different Australian women, result in a collection in which any woman can mix and match to create their own style. Case in point, my picks from the collection vs. Inspiring Wit’s picks that truly reflect her penchant for rock and roll. Although every woman is different, there is something for every woman in Rosé Resort 2016.

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