MBFWA Outfit Day 5

Day 4 7

Sparkle and shine and all things fine… another one of my looks for MBFWA


ASOS Jumpsuit | Versace Sunglasses | Cue Jacket | Zara Clutch
Photos: Inspiring Wit


Day 4 10

If ever there was a time to bring out your crazy, quirky and fun pieces, it is MBFWA. From pom pom embellishments and chameleon-esque pleats that change every which way that you turn, to metallics and sequins galore, nothing is out of place in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week street style arena. Black and white seems to be the flavour du jour in the fashion world – we certainly saw more than our fair share of it on the runway, but the streets were a little more fun. Add a little bit of texture, and a monochromatic outfit is completely transformed.

While head to toe sequins is not something I would ever shy away from, nor keep myself from wearing when ever I felt like I should, it is definitely a look that not everyone can appreciate. Sure, a sequinned jumpsuit might not quite cut the mustard for a Monday board meeting, but anyone who owns sequins should not be using a fashion show as their only excuse to pull them out of the cupboard (an excuse I was tired of hearing towards the end of the week), and I know this bad boy will be getting a lot of use over the coming months!

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