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Travel is hot on my mind at the moment, so it only made sense that, before I jet off again to Bali and then MBFWA in Sydney, I share with you some of my top travel tips.


Outfit 1: Mango top | Staple the Label pant | Topshop heels | Lipault case
Outfit 2: Minkpink jumpsuit | Lipault case
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Langkawi airasia travel lipault blogger little miss mon bon 7Langkawi airasia travel lipault blogger little miss mon bon 5Every time I travel, I learn more and more about what could constitute as ‘good travel practices’ – just little things that make travelling easier for yourself and everyone else involved. Now, I am no top-level expert traveller – I will admit, I am still a numpty and forget that I am carrying a bottle of water in my carry on luggage every single time I go through security – but there are definitely some things that I have got more of a grasp on the more I am jetting out of Perth. I am still the queen of the over pack (and packing a whole bunch of non-versatile pieces… maybe this is where my problem lays?!), so I won’t tell you what sort of things you should be packing in your case for a tropical holiday or a ski trip, but I can let you in on some of the things that I always make sure I have covered before I jump on the next jet out of here…





  • Always pack socks and a coat in your carry on luggage. No matter what time of the day or night you are flying, or what the temperature is on either side of your plane journey, it is inevitable that you will get cold in transit. Aeroplanes always blast their air-conditioning systems, and the last thing you want is to miss out on what sleep you could have got because you are trying to keep yourself warm (note: not all aeroplanes have adjustable air-conditioning vents, so don’t take this tip lightly).
  • Langkawi airasia travel lipault blogger little miss mon bon 2Get yourself some good quality, easily identifiable luggage. My hot pink Lipault case is honestly a lifesaver at the baggage carousel. While there are people standing around picking up a bunch of other peoples’ cases before they finally grab their own, I can spot mine as soon as it hits the belt… and there is no question as to whether that bright pink, attention-grabbing case is mine or not. Investing a little bit extra to get yourself something nicer and stronger is well worth it. If you lose a wheel half way through transit, or your zipper busts open while you are trying to stuff your shopping in, you won’t be a happy camper. Most of the cases on the market these days are made ultra light weight too, so you can a good quality case that won’t take up half of your luggage allowance itself.
  • Make sure you take Hydralite and have access to probiotics where ever you go. Your body will get a bit of a shock when you aren’t sticking to your routine, and it will react in all different ways. There is no harm in stocking up on probiotics each day, and I would definitely recommend having a Hydralite or two before bed if you are in a particularly warm country/have been walking/hiking/skiing/drinking all day. The difference it makes to how you feel in the morning is second to none!

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  • Always carry snacks in your bag. As soon as you find a convenience store, go in and buy familiar and easy things – think dried fruit and nuts, crisps (yes, I said it), crackers and muesli bars etc. Getting hangry is no fun for anyone, especially if you can’t find anywhere to eat reasonably soon. If you find you are getting irritable and you don’t know where the next best stop to fuel up is going to be, at least you have something to tie you over (and stop you from losing it at your travel buddies!).
  • Pre-order meals and pack snacks for your flight. Whenever I fly to Asia, I take more budget friendly airlines like AirAsia. This means that all meals on board are not included in the ticket and they must be purchased onboard. To make sure you get exactly what you want when the cart comes around, and that you are served first, pre-book your meal online. It is also cheaper to do it that way, and you avoid having to pull everything out of the overhead locker to find your money.
  • Notify the check in staff that your luggage needs to be marked as ‘fragile’. Fragile luggage gets loaded onto the plane last, and subsequently, comes off the plane first on the other side. If you need to make a speedy exit from the airport, this can help speed things up at the luggage carousel.

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  • Keep every little ticket and document you get handed in one spot. I generally carry a travel wallet no bigger than a large lady’s wallet. It has 4 different compartments and is great for holding everything from your passport to the train ticket you purchased to get you from the airport. There will be no panicked searching through every pocket of your outfit, handbag and carry on luggage for your ticket at the other side if you keep everything together in the one spot.
  • Pack at least 3 pairs of underwear for each day that you are away, as well as a spare pair for each flight you will be taking. Yes, I am the queen of overpacking, but, in my opinion, you can never have too many pairs of underwear. You never know what is going to happen on your travels, and there is nothing worse than not feeling as fresh as you could because you had to wear the same pair of underwear all day. It had to be said.
  • Organise things like your travel insurance, notification of overseas travel to your bank, and even rent payments for while you are away, well in advance. If you write it all down on a to-do list and tick it off early, you won’t end up stranded with a blocked card overseas, or with late notices from your land lord. It takes all of 5 minutes to organise travel insurance, notify your bank and set up automatic payments these days, so there really is no excuse for not getting it out of the way early!
  • Make sure you check your bag for water bottles (and your partner’s car keys) before you go through security…

What is your best travel tip? Let me know in the comment section below!

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