Bondi: East Vs. West


Bondi beach, a sight we are all fairly used to seeing… but not necessarily from my favourite spot


bondi-beach-mink-pink-little-miss-mon-bon9bondi-beach-mink-pink-little-miss-mon-bon5Minkpink jumpsuit | Supre jacket | Status Anxiety bag | Quay sunglasses
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit

Bondi – the gorgeous stretch of beach known around the world for it’s postcard perfect waves, that iconic Icebergs swimming pool, and those handsome resident life savers. I, like the rest of the world, love Bondi. Who couldn’t love such a beautiful, picturesque place?

Sure, I normally prefer my beaches a lot quieter and with ample parking, but outside of what happens to come with it’s popularity, Bondi really is a phenomenal stretch of sand. It is the sort of beautiful, cliff lined bay that we don’t get to see very often here in WA.

My favourite little pocket at the beach is the lesser documented ‘west side’ of the beach (if you take your bearings with the ocean as your North). Directly across from where the Icebergs pool sits, is this smaller, sparsely populated, child friendly pool. Less photographed than Icebergs, the mosaic walls and blue concrete floor of this other pool are so vastly different to the aqua blue concrete and stark white whitewash you see across the bay, and it is so… well… ‘me’. The vantage point you have back out across the beach is spectacular, and you can escape all the hustle and bustle to watch the waves roll in, from a quite spot up on the rocks. I think I like it here…


bondi-beach-mink-pink-little-miss-mon-bon7 bondi-beach-mink-pink-little-miss-mon-bon6bondi-beach-mink-pink-little-miss-mon-bon4bondi-beach-mink-pink-little-miss-mon-bon2 bondi-beach-mink-pink-little-miss-mon-bon


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