The Catch Up: A New Phone, My Same Old Routine and a New Kookai Outfit

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So here we are again, discussing all of the things that have been going on in my life behind the scenes…


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kookai two piece little miss mon bonKookai top, Kookai shorts and Kookai coat | Zara clutch | Quay sunglasses | Rubi Shoes pom poms | ASOS heels
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit


As always, there is so much more going on in my life than the images and words on my blog show…

This week, I finally got myself a new phone. The camera on my Samsung Galaxy S5 had been bust for well over 6 months and I had been carrying around one phone to make calls and text on, and another to take photos with. Lord almighty it was an absolute pain in the rear. Well overdue for an upgrade, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and I ordered myself a brand-spanking-new, shiny gold, Galaxy S7. Words cannot describe how elated I am to finally have a fully functioning phone again! To all of my Snapchat followers (I am at @missmonbon if you fancy following along), I offer my sincere apologies for the absolute flogging my account got over the last few days!


Just as something fun and new came in to my life (#materialisticmuch?), some of my consistent comforts went out. This month, two of my regular jobs come to an end. The change and uncertainty that I am facing right now is so incredibly nerve wracking, but such is the nature of freelance or contract work. Despite the unknown being a little scary, I know this shake up will bring new and exciting things for me if I put my head to it.

You may also be aware that I recently got to visit our capital territory to see my little brother, post MBFWA. My brother has been living in Canberra since the start of this year, and while I was only a 3.5 hour drive away from him, it seemed like a great idea to go visit his new city. I must admit, he really didn’t talk it up and I was starting to wonder if I had made the right decision. It turns out Canberra is actually quite nice. It reminds me of my hometown Bunbury, only larger, more spread out and with more ‘big city’ stores and eateries. It was so great to see my brother again, and I am really hope I can make the time to see him each time I find myself over in Sydney.

Pre MBFWA, Kevin and I went on our first overseas holiday together… and very shortly after, our second! I am pleased to report that we didn’t kill each other, and, apart from one minor battle of stubborn against stubborn, the holiday(s) went so very well. I am always quite anxious about holidaying with a partner for the first time, purely as I am so scared of ruining everything because we have different expectations of what the holiday will be (silly, I know). Holidaying with Kevin is fantastic because he is so laid back, but eager to explore and experience different things. He even killed it on a working holiday, where he fit into our Seminyak Village media pack so seamlessly that I think people are going to start requesting his company over mine (more on my Bali trip with AirAsia and Seminyak village is to come later this week)!

kookai two piece little miss mon bon 12Arriving back in Perth last Friday was definitely a shock to the system. The change from mid thirties and humidity to almost arctic temperatures (slight exaggeration) was definitely, um, refreshing? It has also alerted me to the fact that I have very little in the way of warm winter clothing. Good one Mon. I have more bikinis then you can fit in your handbag, but I can count the number of knits I have on one hand. I was eyeing off this gorgeous Steele knit for ages, but opted to purchase a fully sequinned jumpsuit instead. Practical. Now to work on ticking this, this and this knit off my wish list for underneath this gorgeous Kookai coat…

Finally, a huge part of my routine is my work out regime. I have been getting back into my classes with Movement Co and realising just how much progress I am actually making. I have traded in the 6.00am club for a more winter friendly 9.30am start, and am coming to terms with not having my work out over and done with first thing in the morning. Today I impressed myself with a 40 second hang from the rig and 20 second L-Sit hold, despite my heavy, aching arms and shoulders (something I would never have been able to do, full form, 3 months earlier). Yesterday, I even threw myself into my first handstand class in a very long time! F.Y.I. If you are Perth based and are interested in seeing what a mixed movement facility actually does, come down to the Community Movement class this weekend in support of little Owen DiCandilo. I will be there giant grin and all, so if you come down be sure to come and say hi!

Now tell me, what have you all been up to lately?

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