Finding The Perfect Holiday Dress

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Working out what the perfect holiday dress is, and where to find it…


sm airasia langkawi elliatt lyst 7sm airasia langkawi elliatt lyst 9Wearing: Elliatt dress
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit

It is only natural that, during winter, our minds wander to warmer territory. Recently, a good portion of my days have been taken up with thoughts of a tropical holiday, photo editing from my last tropical holiday and whinging about why I am not currently on a tropical holiday.

Tropical holiday anyone?

It is safe to say, now that it is winter here in Australia, I want to be anywhere where it is not. So, while I sit here and reminisce about warmer, less work-filled days on the beautiful Datai Bay in Langkawi – where Jenelle and I got to spend a glorious few days at The Andaman Resort with AirAsia – I am simultaneously planning my next tropical getaway(s). I have already settled on a few places I would like to visit, and I will get to the accommodation options on another rainy day, so my next logical step** is planning a killer holiday wardrobe.

Yes, your accommodation choice can make or break a holiday (lets face it, everyone gets anxious choosing the accommodation in case the other holidayers hate it), but so too can your wardrobe. If you don’t pack adequately, you can end up in a whole world of pain. When I am planning to travel to a tropical destination, my suitcase consists almost entirely of swimsuits and dresses… and the odd head scarf or 5. In the heat and humidity of the tropics, dresses are by far the easiest, most fuss free clothing choice.

So, what makes the perfect holiday dress?sm airasia langkawi elliatt lyst 6

  • Movement. When even the air is hot and sticky, you don’t need your bandage dress sticking to you like a soppy bandaid too. Always opt for loose fitting, floaty dresses. Bonus: Looser dresses don’t show up sweat marks as easily as a fitted dress will
  • Material. Read my writing: No synthetic materials. A nylon or polyester dress is just going to make you swelter and perspire beyond what you thought possible. Stick to easy, breezy cottons, linens and silks.
  • Colour. You are away from the humdrum of every day life and for some people, this is a rare opportunity to get out of black and white corporate wear – embrace it. Nothing lifts the spirits like a vacation and a fun, colourful dress.

I always like to add at least one new floaty, colourful, fun, ‘perfect holiday’ dress to my collection before each holiday, and this time around, I have enlisted the help of Lyst in my pursuit. Instead of spending hour upon hour trawling through different online stores to find suitable dresses, I have spent my time browsing all the same stores I normally would and more in the one browser window – it is like department store for online shopping! There are literally thousands of dresses for me to scroll through, from all different brands and all corners of the web. If you are anything like me and have a brain fart about all of the good online stores you want to shop from (I always end up back at the same few), just remember ‘Lyst’ and they will do the rest for you.

So, my pursuit continues for the next edition of ‘the perfect holiday dress’… watch this space!

** My next logical step… not necessarily everyone else’s, but I am sure there are some of you nodding along!
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In collaboration with Lyst
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