My Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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Bag and shoes from The Shoe Man

As we are hurtling towards the depths of winter, I thought I would go through my ‘winter wardrobe essentials’ checklist to see if you – and I – were on your way to being winter ready…


Jumpers from Suzanne Grae
Jumpers from Suzanne Grae
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Minkpink dresses from Woven and Willow

It is official, Winter is well and truly here!

The chilly mornings and rainy days have set in for the year, and it is high time we complete a proper stock take of what we have hanging in our winter wardrobe. It is time to work out what we can donate to charity, what we can leave hanging there, and what we need to add to complete our wardrobe. There are a number of key pieces everyone should have in their wardrobe for each season, and this winter I was challenged by The Park Centre in Victoria Park to compile my ‘winter must have’ list to share with you all. For years I didn’t quite get my winter wardrobe right, so I was determined to make sure I had all of the necessities for the cold weather and rain this winter.

So, what should we be doing to make sure we get our winter wardrobe right this season?



Stock up on quality leather…

Not only is leather warm, it stands the test of time. A good quality leather bag, some leather boots and a leather jacket are a must have for the winter season. Just make sure you don’t forget to waterproof all of your leather before you let it come in contact with the elements!
(Handy hint: take your leather goods in to The Shoe Man at the end of winter to have them cleaned, moisturised and re-heeled before you put them into storage – that way they will be ready to go as soon as winter comes around again)

Go crazy on knitwear…

You can never have too many knitted jumpers in your winter wardrobe. Purchasing an oversized knit with a cowl neck (like the grey and maroon Suzanne Grae ones I picked out at The Park Centre) means you can layer up underneath and let the jumper be the focus of the outfit, or you can pick some finer knits to layer under coats and jackets. Keep in mind that wool will be warmer than synthetics, but that doesn’t mean you need to discount synthetics all together. In our mild Perth winters, synthetic knits make the perfect layering piece so you don’t overheat.

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Gold earrings from T&T Jewellers and Watchmakers

Just because it is cooler, don’t give up on the dresses…

Yes, it might not be the best weather to be slipping into a slinky camisole dress, but you can still enjoy dresses in the colder weather. Knitted dresses make the ultimate layering piece, and they add a different texture and silhouette to what can be a ‘pant and jacket’ heavy winter wardrobe. If you are a master at layering, a sleeveless knit dress (like the striped one from Woven & Willow, pictured) is quite a bit of fun as you have the ability to layer something under, as well as over, the dress. If you play it a little safer on the layering, a long sleeve knit dress is the perfect all-in-one outfit.

Invest in some fun, good quality rings and earrings…

Having good quality jewellery is always nice (right ladies?!), but in winter, having pretty rings and earrings is more relevant than ever. With the layers being piled on in the cooler weather, your bracelets, bangles, watches and necklaces get lost under all of the fabric – but earrings and rings won’t! They are the only pieces that will be left uncovered, so it is worth making sure you have paid attention to them. Add some extra pizazz to your outfit with some fun accessories like these gold star earrings from T&T Jewellers, or some of these sparkly, semi-precious rings from Prouds.

Rings from Prouds Jewellers

Bump up the number of enclosed flats in your wardrobe…

Wearing heels in winter can pose all sorts of issues. It is wet and slippery, and making a dash for cover in an unexpected downpour is nowhere near as easy than it would be in a pair of enclosed flats. Keep yourself comfortable, warm, dry and safe with some stylish winter flats (boots, ballet or sneakers). Lace up ballet flats – like this pair from Payless Shoes – are still very on trend for this season, as are military boots and metallic sneakers.

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Shoes from Payless Shoes

Don’t go light on your basics…

Plain long sleeved tops are a staple in any winter wardrobe. They are the perfect layering piece, and can help you transition some of your summer tops and dresses (by wearing them underneath) into winter appropriate attire, without screaming ‘thermals’ at you. You can splurge on designer basics, but I still can’t go past Target for my plain tees, especially when I am purchasing quite a few of them to add to my wardrobe.

sm winter wardrobe essentials park centre 4
Long sleeve t-shirts from Target

Get well acquainted with denim…

Jeans are a comfortable, warm and versatile option for the cooler months. With so many different styles on the market these days, it is easy to build up a solid and varying collection of jeans to get you through winter. Opt for a distressed boyfriend style for a casual day time look, and the good old straight or skinny leg for a more polished evening look. Note: the boyfriend jeans at Jeanswest are just the right amount of distressed, not too OTT and broken down like One Teaspoon can get!

sm winter wardrobe essentials park centre 2
Jeans from Jeanswest

Pay attention to what coats and jackets you add to your wardrobe…

Obviously coats and jackets are essential in winter if you don’t want to freeze. It makes good sense to add a variety of outerwear to your wardrobe, not just for aesthetics, but to accommodate for different needs. Something I have learned over the years is that you don’t need every single one of your winter garments to be incredibly warm – otherwise layering isn’t much fun at all! A good leather jacket, and a heavy woollen pea coat (for example) are great for throwing on over top an outfit when you are going to be moving about outdoors, but a lighter coat (like the camel and black jackets I picked out from Target) is perfect to layer over a jumper for work or other indoor activities.

sm winter wardrobe essentials park centre
Jacket and coat from Target
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