Dressing Down for the Daylight Hours

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I have never believed in having a separate ‘work’ wardrobe, and I definitely don’t believe in having distinct daytime and night time attire! Embrace dressing down and make the most of your wardrobe…


Asilio skirt dressing down little miss mon bonAsilio skirt dressing down little miss mon bon 2Cotton On jumper | Asilio skirt | Zara clutch | ASOS heels | Versace sunglasses
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit


What fun is getting dressed every day if you can’t properly utilise the wardrobe that you have worked so hard to build? They say that there is a time and a place for everything, but I have to somewhat disagree with that statement. I don’t believe in limiting your mind, or putting boundaries on what questions are ok to ask and what questions are not, and I most definitely don’t like putting restrictions on what you can and can’t wear at certain times (with the exception of ridiculous things, like wearing budgie smugglers anywhere other than a private beach, or crocs outside of the privacy of your own home). I have always had an issue with the idea of having separate sections of my wardrobe for different occasions, my biggest gripe laying with the corporate world and what they deem to be appropriate corporate wear (a black pencil skirt isn’t the only feminine corporate attire).

Thankfully, I no longer have to worry about what the do’s and don’ts of corporate dressing are. I wear whatever I please, whenever I please. I am not afraid to wear sequins during the day, pop on a gorgeous pair of heels for a breakfast or lunch date, or wear an embroidered mermaid skirt and heels in broad daylight (as it would seem). All these seemingly ‘evening’ pieces, that get tucked away to the one corner of your wardrobe for special occasions, can just as easily be worn during the day… if done right. If ‘dressing up’ is the process of swiping on the red lipstick, curling your hair and adding your best bling to an outfit, then ‘dressing down’ is the process of removing some of the prim and proper.

There is a reason that the sneakers and dresses trend became so popular, just as the leather and lace combo has – it brings an otherwise feminine look back down to earth. They are prime examples of dressing down. I like to try and apply the same concept all the way to the fanciest, glitziest end of my wardrobe to ensure as many of my garments are as wearable as possible. Finishing off a mermaid skirt with a casual, oversized jumper (or even a vintage tee for the summer) makes the garment more day time appropriate, and takes it as far away from Kardashian land as I can get it. Mixing and matching the pieces that you normally set aside for occasion wear with more casual, every day wear, gives your ‘evening’ wardrobe an extra lease on life. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to make more use of the things that they have hanging in their wardrobe?

Asilio skirt dressing down little miss mon bon 3Asilio skirt dressing down little miss mon bon 4Asilio skirt dressing down little miss mon bon 5


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