3 Colour Combos You Might Not Think To Try


Gone are the days of ‘blue and green can’t be seen without a colour in between’. The colour wheel has been reinvented and any colour combos are fair game!




Pigeonhole duster jacket | All About Eve jumper from Transit Clothing | Refuge jeans from Transit Clothing | Pigeonhole clutch | ASOS heels
Photos: Sita at Precious S2 Photography


Confidence in wearing colour on colour is not incredibly common. Even less common is the confidence to mix colours and prints that haven’t yet been truly tried and tested. One of the comments that I hear most often is ‘I just never think to try different combinations in my wardrobe’ – a limitation that only shrinks the wearability of your wardrobe and the versatility of the beautiful prints and colours you choose to add to it.

In the spirit of colour matching, colour clashing, and having the confidence to make the most of your wardrobe, I thought I would share some of my favourite, perhaps more ‘unassuming’, colour combinations with you all…


Burgundy and Blush

Somewhat surprisingly, deep, rich reds are accented perfectly with a pop of pink. If you are going to try pairing these two colours together, make sure you opt for a pinky-purply red as opposed to an orange-red or red-red.

Khaki and pink

Yet again, pink makes an appearance in a fantastic but unsuspecting colour combo. Together, the right pink (read: a nice light pink) and khaki are reminiscent of a Neapolitan (ice-cream) dream! Use the pink as you would a tan colour, and pair it with khaki, white, grey and other browns.

Lilac and Khaki

Just as pale pink pairs well with khaki, so does pale purple. We see purple and green in nature all the time – lavender flowers, aster daisies, jacaranda trees – so it makes sense that these two colours work together.

Keeping an open mind to colour pairing and just giving different things a go is key to making your wardrobe work. You might surprise yourself at how versatile your wardrobe actually is when you start playing around with different combinations you never thought to try before. I am still constantly surprising myself at certain combinations I pull out of my own wardrobe – the possibilities are endless!



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