Khongboon on Bondi

bondi beach khongboon 6

From where you and I would rather be…


 Wearing: Khongboon swimwear
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit

bondi beach khongboon 5Today I am keeping it short, sweet, and barely covered…

After a long week, and an incredibly inconvenient bout of anxiety, looking over joyous photos of a slightly warmer and more fun time on Bondi is almost cathartic. The trip Jenelle and I made down to Bondi post fashion week was cathartic in itself, washing away the stresses of the week we had just had, resetting our minds, and recharging our batteries. It was slightly chilly, and I was slightly ill, but that didn’t stop us. Who can resist the lure of the ocean (and the opportunity to give some new bikinis a trial run)?!

What I would do to be sitting on the beach with little else than sightseeing scheduled into my calendar for the day…

Can you tell I am pining for another getaway? Perhaps I could branch out of the comfort of Bondi and go for a quick stay at a Manly holiday apartment this time? These itchy feet are a damn nuisance sometimes!

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