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Dr Lewinn’s range from The Park Centre Pharmacy

Now that we are in the thick of winter, it is the perfect excuse to pop down to The Park Centre in East Victoria Park and stock up on some of my favourite winter health and beauty items…


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Raw West Australian Wildflower Honey and Lemongrass and Ginger Tea from The Source Bulk Foods. Immune Defence and Oliviral from Health Foods. Essential Oils from The Blue Buddha

We all know winter can be quite brutal on your body (hello flu season, your return isn’t such a welcome one), and if you want to be prepared, or at least try to minimise any ill effects of the cooler months, there are quite a few things you need to take into account. Your skin, your hair, your health – winter can mess around with it all. After stocking up on some of my favourite winter essentials at The Park Centre a few weeks back, I thought I would share my picks and tricks with you to get you on your way to being winter ready…



When the first signs of winter start to show, I immediately book myself in for a facial. Your skin will react to the change in season, so it is always a good idea to book in with a professional to see what it is doing, and how you can keep it healthy and supple during the cooler months. This season, I booked in for a beautiful Clarins facial at Spa in The Park to set my skin straight. After the most relaxing hour long session (seriously, I almost fell asleep… thrice), I learned that I needed to pay more attention to the hydration of my T-zone, and that I would probably benefit by laying off my facial scrub a little over the next few months. After having your skin analysed, it makes it a heck of a lot easier to determine exactly what you need to do to keep it in check. Trust me on this one – they see things you don’t realise about your own skin.

One thing I cannot stress enough for winter is hydration. Believe it or not, your skin gets extra dry in winter, despite the moisture about in the air. Even if you have oily skin, you still need to moisturise (this is where a facial with a beautician can help – they will help to find the right skincare for your skin type). I ramp up my skin care routine quite a bit in winter, not only because my skin needs it, but because I find I have a lot of extra time on my hands on those rainy days (masks are my new best friend!). Although I don’t normally use anything on my skin that I am not 100% sure is natural or organic, I had heard a lot about the Dr Lewinn’s range (the day cream has won multiple awards) so I decided to pick some up from Park Centre Pharmacy and add it to my revolving collection of beauty products. In winter, I always make sure I have a few good moisturisers from different brands, a range of concentrated serums and a whole lot of face masks on hand to combat the dryness.


Just as important as facial care, is body care. Again, your skin needs hydration. Nobody likes scaly legs, even if they are covered 95% of the time. I love this Clarins range from Spa in The Park as it not only has exfoliation and hydration covered, but the Radiance-plus Golden Glow helps to add a little bit of colour back to your skin. Just add a few drops to your body oil or moisturiser, and it acts like a gradual tan… how cool?!

Clarins from Spa in The Park The Park Centre
Clarins from Spa in The Park


Just as your skin suffers from dehydration in the winter, so does your hair. Now, this is not particularly good for anyone who is naturally prone to frizz or a dry scalp (note: a dry, flaky scalp is very different to dandruff). Unfortunately, my scalp is also quite sensitive to anything that isn’t natural, so to ensure hydration and keep me flake free, I opt for natural hair care like the Moo Goo range from The Park Centre Pharmacy. If you are after more intense hydration for your hair, the Moroccanoil range from Price Attack makes a huge difference to your hair after just one wash. If there is one thing you can do for your hair this winter, it is to buy an intense hydrating mask. It will help to lock in moisture and keep your tresses smooth and shiny.


Now this is my favourite category – winter wellness. It is so much more than chowing down on garlic, lemon, ginger and cold and flu tablets, and it is so important to get right. Obviously, come winter, flu germs are rampant. Rather than succumbing to the virus and taking a reactive stance (with said cold and flu tablets), you can take a more preventative approach to avoid the cost of being down and out.

In winter, honey, ginger, lemon, chilli and lemongrass are my best friends. They are delicious, packed full of vitamins, and some even have antibacterial properties to help rid your body of any nasties. I always make sure that I have a quality West Australian jar of raw honey (this is important – raw, unprocessed honey) and some lemongrass and ginger tea in the pantry as the temperature starts to dip. Sipping on this non-caffeinated blend from The Source Bulk Foods is a great way to keep up your water intake in winter, and great to get into if you are starting to feel a little under the weather. As for the honey (also from The Source Bulk Foods) the raw nature of it means that it still has all of those great vitamins, enzymes and natural elements to bump up your immunity, and it also comes in handy when you start to get a bit of a tickle in your throat.

It goes without saying that investing in some good supplements is essential to boosting your immunity during the winter months. Contrary to popular belief, vitamin C tablets are not the ‘go to’ for cold and flu immunity. They are actually so close to not being produced, with only a few companies left making them. The lovely owner at Health Foods pointed me in the right direction for a vitamin c alternative, and highly recommended that I take Oliviral – an olive leaf extract – and Immune Defence, both great to boost the immunity as well as aid in ridding a flu if you feel one coming on. To ensure my immunity is at it’s highest possible level, I also make sure that I am getting in a good night of sleep. As we sleep, our body repairs itself, so if we aren’t sleeping properly, our body is not recovering properly. The lavender essential oil from The Blue Budha is the perfect calming scent to help me nod off, while the eucalyptus and tea tree are fantastic for clearing the sinuses.

What health and beauty products do you swear by during the winter? I would love to know!

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Moo Goo from The Park Centre Pharmacy. Moroccanoil range from Price Attack

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