Winter Warmers: My Top 4 Indoor Essentials for Winter

winter warmers cotton on body pyjamas Little Miss Mon Bon

As we prepare to shiver through Perth’s coldest mornings of the year (with ‘actual feels’ of below freezing), I get to sharing my essential, snuggly ‘winter warmers’ pieces for around the home.


winter warmers cotton on body pyjamas Little Miss Mon Bon 2winter warmers cotton on body pyjamas Little Miss Mon Bon 3Cotton On Body long johns, top, robe and sleep mask
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Winter weather and I go together like sesame seeds and pasta sauce – not at all.

I have an adverse reaction to life when the mercury drops below 20 degrees celsius. The drop in temperature affects my mood, my motivation and my energy levels. I am sure I am a dream customer for our energy providers, as I would happily have my heating cranking at 26 degrees through out winter if it meant I didn’t have to layer up (and that I wouldn’t be causing havoc with the environment). Alas, this clearly is not a practical way to spend my winter. It is also mildly impractical to want to stay in bed all day, but when it is so unfathomably cold** out, that is all i want to do. It is warm, snuggly, doesn’t demand anything of you, and doesn’t really care if you achieve nothing more than polishing off a bag of marshmallows for the day.

The next best thing to faking warm weather via a cranking heater, or spending the entire day in bed (because, let’s face it, we haven’t yet found a profession that allows us to do so) is getting to spend a few hours about the house wearing your warm and snuggly winter warmers. Be it a fresh morning before work, the hours before you retire for the day, or a lazy weekend at home, spending some time all cosied up in your favourite winter warmers is a nice reward for being an adult and facing the cold of the day. Each winter, I always make sure I prepare myself by resurrecting, or adding to, the following for my at-home winter wardrobe…

A soft, fluffy robe 

Dashing between the bed and the toilet in the middle of the night is most unpleasant in the depths of winter – make sure you keep a soft, fluffy robe by the bed to rug up for the trip. I always prefer the synthetic robes, that feel like a mix between silk and fur on your skin, to something like a harsher, terry towelling robe. The synthetic robes never lose that silky softness you purchase them for, even if you throw them into a normal cold wash. You can spend anywhere from $20.00 to $450.00 on a robe, and there really is no right or wrong amount to spend. If you are comfortable and warm in it, spend what you please!

Thick bed socks 

Snuggling up on the couch just doesn’t feel right in your ugg-boots. Put your feet up on the couch and keep your toes toasty warm with a soft pair of bed socks. You might not be able to walk outside in your bed socks, but they most definitely do the trick for inside the home.

A faux fur or chunky knit blanket 

Sharing is caring, and a robe won’t stretch the warm and snuggly between two. If you want to get cosy with someone else, invest in a good throw blanket for the couch. Rebecca Judd’s collection for Adairs actually had some really nice, well priced throws that not only look great, but have a fair bit of weight and warmth to them.

A big, oversized beanie 

It doesn’t matter how daggy it looks, if it keeps the heat in, it is a keeper! I won’t lie, I find it really hard to wear beanies and stay looking polished (all the power to you ladies that can!), so I tend to save them for inside the home only… or while sitting at a football game where surviving is higher on my priority list than style. Keep your extremities warm and you will stay warm!

With my bumper ‘winter warmers’ home-wardrobe, and my heater at the ready, surely there will be no excuse for temperature related whinging in the next few days. If you aren’t from Perth, you probably read a whole lot of exaggeration here but, trust me, we West Australian’s aren’t used to ice, snow or even a little frost.

** Note: Unfathomably cold refers to anything below 15 degrees celsius. I actually can’t deal with the cold weather.

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