90s Style

90s style pink wall little miss mon bon

It is ‘in’, it it is ‘on trend’, and I am dipping my toes ever so cautiously in to that 90s style…


90s style pink wall little miss mon bon 690s style pink wall little miss mon bon 4Cotton On top | Jeanswest Jumpsuit | Paulo Brandao heels from Elle Et Lui | MCM Clutch


As someone who was born at the very beginning of the era, I don’t necessarily remember too much of what the ’90s style’ entailed. By the time I knew how to dress myself properly (i.e. when I stopped demanding to wear my multicoloured, fully sequinned cap with my faux leopard jacket), we were knocking on the door of the new millennium. Despite having other ideas on what was cool in fashion in 1997, by 1999 I was making more informed clothing choices, and I got to see the very tail end of 90s fashion… only to welcome millennial style (can we forget that era of fashion all together please?).

Seeing the 90s style come back has, for the most part, been quite nostalgic – in the ‘oh wow, remember the terrible outfits I used to wear back then?!’ sort of way. While I refuse to tie a little piece of black string around my neck or fish out some Dr Martins, the white tee layering, thin strapped cami and subtle brown lip are in fact quite a nice little nod to the 90s I think!

Not one to ever dive head first into a trend and transform my wardrobe to suit, I am having some fun playing around with pieces I already own, giving them a little touch of the 90s. For some reason, over the years, I forgot that you can layer underneath your garments (I blame my focus on trying to build my coat and jacket collection… now sitting strongly at 8). Just by adding a white tee under some of my other pieces, I have opened the door to many other outfit combinations in my existing wardrobe, combinations perfect for this in-between weather we have been experiencing, and will be seeing more of.

90s style pink wall little miss mon bon 3 90s style pink wall little miss mon bon 5


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