25 Things I Learned While I Was 25

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August 1st 2016 – my 26th birthday…


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Photos: Rachel Pronk


So here I am, another year older and – as the cliche would say – a little wiser. As I bid adieu to 25 and welcome my 26th year life, I thought I would take a little time to reflect, and share with you 25 things that I learned while I was 25…

  1. Good things can and will happen to you, and you don’t need to feel like you owe anyone for it.
  2. Anxiety does weird things to you. Not only does your mind run wild, it makes you short of breath, incredibly sweaty and plays funny buggers with your stomach (not fun).
  3. Alone time isn’t actually lonely, it is a great time to just be (and laugh at your choice to wear knickers, fluffy socks and a face mask, while your drink wine and watch Arrested Development).
  4. Zucchini is surprisingly delicious in a stir fry… and most Asian cuisine
  5. Meat is best left to Kevin to cook… unless you fancy old boot for dinner?
  6. Far too many people get weirdly awkward when you mention sex or anything to do with reproductive organs… and I am always the one to make them feel awkward because I have no qualms in talking openly about the awkward things (often at what people think are inappropriate times)
  7. Despite working in an industry in which highly glamourised images and lives are desirable, I really want to try and keep things real (and to see others keep things real). You are welcome for all of the ugly snapchats guys!
  8. People can be incredibly cruel and judgemental, but standing your ground and following your beliefs in the face of their criticism is the best feeling ever.
  9. Swimming in the rain is just as fun as I always thought it would be… until it starts thundering.
  10. Friends come and go for a reason, and the ones that stick around are the ones that grow and change with you
  11. Nothing ever goes exactly to plan
  12. There is a water bottle bandit who plants water bottles in your bag when you are going through airport security… Because I am not silly, I always make sure I am not carrying water
  13. Sleep chewing is far worse than snoring
  14. Not everybody is going to like you, and that is more than ok. Sometimes you just aren’t somebody’s flavour.
  15. Being able to admit your flaws and wrongs is a very admirable thing, especially if you have the balls to stand face to face with someone and do it.
  16. Filling your eyebrows in makes a hell of a difference to your face. Pre 25-year-old-Mon was an interesting looking thing…
  17. Staying fit isn’t just about finding the right work out for you, it is also about finding the right community of people to slot into too. I don’t think I could do 6.00am classes without the like minded humour of my coach, my bacon loving PR friend and the rest of the fun and supportive crew!
  18. That a ‘whip’, ‘nae nae’ and ‘dab’ are all ‘cool’ dance moves (ew.)
  19. If you don’t drink enough water, you inhibit your body’s ability to deal with inflammation
  20. Being upside down is one of the most relaxing things ever
  21. You should always take opportunities when they come your way – you never know what it could lead to
  22. Using a concoction of water and lavender oil while you are ironing helps to relax the fibres and get a cleaner finish on your clothes (thanks for that one Kevin!).
  23. ‘Whiskey’ is the American spelling, and ‘whisky’ is what all other countries use (another case of mum, mom and Mumm… tee hee).
  24. The world is a crazier place than I ever remember it being…
  25. I am the best at being me.

So, here is to being 26 and learning a whole lot more before my 27th birthday!

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