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Taking care of your body takes more than just some quick fixes, it takes a complete body approach…


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Over the last few weeks, I have been booking in to see a movement therapist to help me with some niggling joint injuries.

Movement therapy – it is not something I had ever heard of before either.

Finbar, owner of Complete Body Approach (located in the same space as Movement Co in Osborne Park), is almost in a category of his own when it comes to assisting people with optimum body function – one of the biggest factors in me going to see him over a traditional physiotherapist or chiropractor.

As a teenager, I was constantly battling bouts of tonsillitis, and it seemed that the only answer the doctor had for me was antibiotics… course after course of them. It frustrated me to no end that the only thing they could think of doing to make me well again, was to keep me on drugs that were essentially ruining anything good that was in my digestive track. Since then, I have always been interested in seeking out alternatives to ‘traditional’ medicine and therapy (note: by traditional, I mean ‘what modern medicine and therapy say we need to do because that is the way the pharmaceutical companies deal with it now’). So, rather than booking in to see a physiotherapist, chiropractor or sport masseuse (or all three at the same time… eeeek, the budget!), I booked in to see Fin at Complete Body Approach, who brings the best of all those practices in to one appointment.

sm lululemon complete body approach little miss mon bon 4I had been told that the way Fin works is quite different to a traditional physiotherapist, despite that being his background – and they were right. Fin takes a holistic approach to injury, and truly believes that if we train our bodies to move in a certain way, we will bounce back from smaller injuries before they actually do damage to our joint structures. The complete body approach is one that really takes into account literally everything that you are doing in your day to day life and how that is affecting your body, as opposed to just looking at where you are feeling pained and treating the immediate area.

My first session with Fin was a combination of thorough body analysis (my natural stance and gait), a lifestyle analysis, sport massage, physiotherapy and even counselling – things that I never expected from an appointment made to deal with my hip and elbow pain, and things I am not sure I could go without if I went somewhere else now! The after care was just as thorough, with a comprehensive email full of information, exercises and adjustments that I could make to my lifestyle habits arriving in my inbox just a few hours later.

After a few weeks of therapy at Complete Body Approach, I have learned a lot of interesting things about my body and the way it works, a few of which I have shared with you below. I hope you find it all as interesting as I do because I can’t wait to share more of my learning along the journey!

Drinking 2L or more of water a day doesn’t just help with clear skin…

If you are suffering from any injury or inflammation, making sure you are keeping well hydrated is paramount. If your body is dehydrated, it is trying to work with dehydration and not focussing on remedying the source of your pain.

Your body is one big machine, and everything works in conjunction with each other…

The last thing I expected my hip pain to be coming from was the way I drew breath. Although it isn’t the only factor (obviously), it is amazing to know how something as simple as not using your diaphragm enough as you breathe can have a chain reaction and end up causing pain elsewhere.

We are creatures of (bad) habits…

Nobody’s body works perfectly. We subconsciously alter the way we stand, walk and move to get around injury, tightness or strain. A lot of the time, we favour one particular side of our body because we have unknowingly trained our body to favour it, and this sets off a chain reaction of muscle favouring, muscle strain or injury.

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