The Head Scarf – How to Wear One, and How to Tie One.

SM The Andaman Langkawi Head Scarf 12

It has become a bit of a signature of mine, and now you can try your hand at tying a head scarf too…


Asha The Label camisole | Zara shorts | Quay sunglasses
Photos: Jenelle at Inspiring Wit

SM The Andaman Langkawi Head Scarf 10

By default, the head scarf has become my defining accessory. Friends always notice when I haven’t whipped out a giant hair bow in a while, and Insta-cquaintances are always very vocal about my hair accessories when I do wear one. What was initially a method of combatting my extreme frizz (which unfortunately happens all too often), the humble head scarf has now become a firm favourite in my assortment of accessories.

Sure, scarves are a great accessory on holiday to help combat the humidi-frizz/3 day old beach hair, but I personally have more of an attachment to them for the statement that they make. As someone who barely ever wears their hair out, and who keeps their jewellery wearing to a minimum, head scarves add a little something more to my outfits in the absence of my curls, necklaces, belts and earrings. In fact, I am far more comfortable adding a giant bow like structure to my hair than I am covering my décolletage in a blinged up statement necklace (perhaps because I don’t feel enough of my day to day outfits warrant it?).

While making a statement isn’t necessarily everyone’s prerogative, for those of you who are interested in different ways to jooj up your outfit, check out my YouTube hair scarf tying tutorial below where I guide you through tying up three simple looks – the giant bow, the ‘sadie’ bow, and the turban.

SM The Andaman Langkawi Head Scarf 2SM The Andaman Langkawi Head Scarf 13SM The Andaman Langkawi Head Scarf 8 SM The Andaman Langkawi Head ScarfSM The Andaman Langkawi Head Scarf 3


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