3 of My Medium Term, Life Goals

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While a lot of my friends are buying houses and having children, my ‘life goals’ read a little different right now…


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Shakuhachi Life Goals Elizabeth Quay Mon Bon 5Shakuhachi Life Goals Elizabeth Quay Mon Bon 4There is such a huge emphasis placed on the ‘getting engaged’, ‘getting married’, ‘having a baby’ and ‘buying a home’ milestones, that often some of the smaller goals on the road to adulting get overlooked. If I am completely honest, I don’t think any of those life goals are very near for me – let’s call them longer term goals. So, instead, I have a different set of life goals that I am striving to achieve in the meantime (and I know I won’t be alone in this!). Yes I am an adult, and yes, I still have goals, but my medium term goals are just stepping stones to my longer term aspirations.

In the next year to two years, I desperately want to achieve these 3 medium term life goals. Hopefully I can check back in within that timeframe and let you all know how I do!

Visit a part of the world I have never been…

… or a few of them… each year.

It may sound frivolous to some, but to me it is a goal I am very passionate about and want to actively work towards (in fact, it is an ongoing one that I hope to reset every year). I strongly believe that the more you get out and learn – be it about science, art, maths, other cultures, or anything – the better version of yourself you can be. The more you expand your mind, the better adult you can become.

I couldn’t imagine leading a life where I wasn’t curious, and travelling definitely helps me to open my mind even more.

Shakuhachi Life Goals Elizabeth Quay Mon Bon 3Live without housemates.

Since leaving home at 17, if I wasn’t living with a partner or my brother, I lived in share-house situations. At the age of 26, it kind of sucks still being in a share-house situation (especially when you share a bathroom with someone who seems physically incapable of replacing the toilet roll, but entirely capable of placing the new roll on top of the empty one). I don’t mind whether my next move means I am living on my own, or with my partner, all I know is that I am entirely ready to be living sans housemates.

While I am nowhere near ready to commit to the purchase of a house (unlike a lot of my friends), I still aim to lead an adult life sans share-houses… and soon. Perhaps in just another few year’s time I will be ridiculously excited by the prospect of weekend trips to Bunnings, Curtain World and Beaumont Tiles for my own home, but for now I get my kicks from watching The Block and buying furnishings to stash away from the housemates, ready for a housemate free space.

Get on top of my debts.

I know you can’t get ahead without having a debt (I mean, how else do you further your business or buy a house?), but being able to get on top of my current, smaller debts, will give me confidence that I can eventually take on bigger debts for bigger things. Paying something off, big or small, is definitely an achievement. It shows commitment and responsibility, and that weight of owing someone something can finally be lifted.

I promise I will pay off my debt soon dad!

Tell me, what ‘medium term life’ goals are you working towards?

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