3 Natural Hair Care Collections You Should Try

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Because your hair deserves the same TLC as your skin!



As a child, I remember sitting in a family friend’s hairdressing salon, waiting patiently for her to do my hair for the ‘crazy hair’ disco at school that evening. The client she had prior to me was just going through a consult before her colour and cut, and the hairdresser quizzed her about what shampoo and conditioner she uses at home. When she answered with ‘Pantene’, the hairdresser promptly cancelled her appointment, rebooked her for an appointment in a month’s time,  told her to go out and buy new hair care to use for the month, and sent her on her merry way.

It sounds harsh, but she had a point. The shampoo and conditioner that she had been using contains silicone, which leaves a film on the hair making if feel silky, but stopping anything from penetrating or escaping the hair shaft. The hairdresser had just saved this woman from spending hours in the salon getting her hair dyed, only for it to be ineffective or short lived because of the silicone barrier her shampoo and conditioner had formed on her hair. In my eyes, that is a brilliant hairdresser (and a TERRIBLE ingredient to be included in a hair product)!

Long story short – so many people are oblivious to what their haircare routine is actually doing to their hair.

Sure, your hair might feel incredibly silky and smooth after a wash with a particular product, but is that because your hair has been nourished? Are the ingredients in your hair care nutritious, or are they actually adding a coating that is blocking the nutrients from getting in? My encounter at the hairdressers obviously stuck with me, as has a lot of the knowledge I learned from my stint with an organic beauty company. As an adult, I now make a conscious choice about what I wash my hair with, as it is just as important as making conscious decisions on your skincare.

I have had the pleasure of testing out a few different organic and natural hair care brands over the years, but the three that I currently have on rotation are KEUNE SO PURE, SCREEN PUREST and PURE HAIR FOOD. None of them are any more expensive than what you would expect to pay for a salon quality hair product, and none of them contain any parabens (known for causing irritation) or sulfates (a common foaming agent also linked to skin irritation)… and definitely no silicone. Not everyone will react to the sulfates and/or parabens in hair care products (I most certainly do!), but there is absolutely no harm in switching to an organic or natural shampoo and conditioner anyway.

For little to no extra financial outlay, you can avoid harsh chemicals all together, and do your hair and scalp a favour.

Have you ever tried any natural hair care brands before? Which ones are your favourites?

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