5 of the Most Confusing Things in Fashion


The world of fashion is an interesting one, but even when you are entwined in it, it can confuse the heck out of you!


State of Georgia jumpsuit | Siren heels from Styletread | Beaded clutch from Bali
Photos: Ryan Ammon

20160906-MONBON-ELIZABETH_QUAY-8506I couldn’t think of a better time to publish this draft than off the back of this incredibly well written article by Bianca O’Neill (The Second Row), published on The Fashion Journal yesterday. The article explores the impact of Instagram on fashion trends, and how the app changed the way we look at stylish men and women – trust me, it is worth a read!

On almost a daily basis, I find myself so confused by the fashion world. I love fashion as it is an expression of an individual, their personality, and the way they are feeling at a particular point in time. I simultaneously detest fashion for creating a pack of sheep that will purchase whatever ridiculous piece, at whatever ridiculous price, just because one of the bloody Jenners wore it. The entire process of something becoming ‘cool’ because a celebrity or street style icon wore it as an expression of their own personal taste and style, absolutely baffles me. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the weird and wonderful… but when the weird and wonderful becomes trendy for the wrong reasons (i.e. because one of the bloody Jenners wore it, rather than it being an expression of personal taste), all I can do is shake my head.

Like I said, there are a lot of things that confuse me in fashion, but I will keep my piece short and leave you with just five things instead…


  • The ‘coolest’ (in every sense) jeans are the ones with so many holes, rips, and shreds, that you can barely call them ‘jeans’… 

perhaps ‘dental floss with some butt flaps attached’ is a better name for them? And of course they cost far more than a normal pair of jeans…

  • People are so adverse to wearing heels during the day time, yet they are perfectly happy to wear what resembles little old man/lady slippers out in public.

Apparently wearing Ugg boots out of the house is a sin, but fluff lined slides is trendy. Go figure.

  • Oversized sleeves are all the rage, but really, we all know how annoying it is when your sleeves drag through your food/get caught in the car door because of ridiculous oversizedness/get in the way when you are trying to snap a selfie.

When you have lived your whole life having to cuff all of your clothes to prevent excess fabric getting in the way, this new trend – or any other impractical trend for that matter – is all sorts of confusing.

  • The culture of fast fashion.

There is a whole industry that has been set up around ‘disposable’ clothing, and I personally don’t understand why anyone would spend their hard earned dollars on things they love only because they have seen it on an ‘it’ girl.

Gigi Hadid wears something on Instagram, every man and his dog** must have it, clothing labels react to demand and produce a whole lot of trending item at a low cost, people flock out to buy it, they wear it for a month or two then send it off to the Good Sammies. REPEAT CYCLE. It is a great cycle for the charities and people who rely on the charities, but it just seems like an incredibly wasteful process. Not to mention the way these items are produced to keep up with the demand. Wouldn’t you find far more joy in purchasing something you know you will treasure for years to come?

**I am talking a huge majority here, not everyone.

As far as I am concerned, ‘festival’ is not a style, ‘festival’ it is just another occasion where you are required to get dressed (although many young men and women still don’t seem to get the memo that clothing is required at a music festival). The term ‘festival style’ is, as far as I am concerned, just an umbrella term for ‘wearing something I would never dare to wear anywhere other than a music festival because my outfit is actually all kinds of ridiculous’. Admittedly, some people do pull off the denim shorts, crocheted top, kimono and bohemian jewels really well, but that is more about their personal style than it is the ‘festival fashion’ trend.

If there is anything I can take from my confusion at the fashion world, it is that fashion is there to represent you – not for you to represent it. Buying into trends because you love them isn’t a crime (as much as I may make it sound as though it is), but buying into trends because everybody loves it, kind of is. Being a slave to fashion is no fun for you or your wallet, and as Bianca says herself, wearing things so you will get papped or likened to the cool cats is no verification of style.



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