Making a White Shirt and Jeans My Own

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Your sense of style paints a portrait of your personality


White shirt-monbon-elizabeth_quay-8445White shirt-monbon-elizabeth_quay-8421Nude Lucy shirt | One Teaspoon jeans | ASOS bag | Misano shoes
Photos: Ryan Ammon


A white shirt and jeans – it doesn’t get more classic than this.

When I see a ‘classic’ outfit, I see a blank canvas. Those tried and tested combos are the perfect base to build an outfit up from, experiment with and make your own. Much like the LBD, a white shirt and denim are failsafe wardrobe staples. Add what you like to them – in my case, a giant head scarf bow and bright yellow bag – to add your own personality and style stamp. Fun accessories and classic outfits are just made for each other!

I can’t help but add a little flair to a relatively safe outfit, it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. My irrational fear of looking like everyone else or doing what everyone else is doing prevented me from wearing black for a very long time (even now I can’t wear black without texture, pattern or an interesting cut), and it still prevents me from replicating a popular look sans ‘Mon’ flavour. There is something inside of me makes me so anti the idea of having the exact same outfit as someone else – an issue that can be resolved rather simply and painlessly with the addition of a few key accessories that suit my personality.

So, how do you make your outfits your own? What are some of your favourite accessories that encompass exactly who you are?

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