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The right trainer can make or break your fitness journey….


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I have spoken at length about finding the right workout for yourself, and the benefits of exercising with friends, but something I have failed to mention is the importance in finding the right trainer/teacher for your fitness journey.

It occurred to me recently, that I have managed to stick around at Movement Co for longer than anything else I have tried post dancing days. I have attended 2 or more gymnastics classes a week, every week, for almost a whole year now. Of course, there is more to Movement Co than just gymnastics, but I seem to have found my Monique sized groove in those gymnastics classes. Don’t get me wrong – I love what we work on in handstand class, and I entertain the idea of joining in on the super fun looking calisthenics and parkour classes – but I just can’t bring myself to forgo my gymnastics classes. When it boils down to it, I know it is just because I want to put in another session with the trainer I ‘adopted’, Mat.

You see, I have found the right trainer for me. I have found a class I love, instructed by someone I trust and get along with well – why would I want to give that up? I love the other guys at the gym dearly, and they are fantastic at what they do, but as I have found, there will always be a trainer that works best for you and what you want to achieve.

What works for one person isn’t always going to work for the next, and that is ok.

Mat knows my injuries, strengths, weaknesses and even my professional life inside out. It makes the world of difference heading into class knowing someone has my back, and my best interests at heart. Establishing that level of care, and an understanding that all of the inappropriate jokes will not be wasted on me (in fact, I often initiate the downward slope of conversation), from an early stage enabled me to not only loosen up and have fun with my training from the get go, but I have now stuck around and trust him with my fitness journey.

Finding that trainer that you get a little something extra from can make a heck of a lot of difference.

Not only are you more likely to return to your class or session (and actually enjoy them!), but your motivation to get to class, and even while in class, increases ten fold. You start to see results quickly, because you know you have someone who is able to personalise a work out to suit you. You might even leave class with a little extra spring in your step because they have helped you to realise something new about life in general (I know Adelle has this effect on her Konga class attendees!). For some people, that ‘little extra’ might be the happy smiles they get from their instructor as they walk in the door, the personalised attention they get to correct their form, or simply a trainer who knows when to push and when not to push for one extra rep.

Class with Mat isn’t just about slogging it out until you are exhausted. Class also comes with genuine, smart conversation (something that both Jenelle and I love about our class time), lessons on everything from body mechanics to biology, and even post-class follow ups on any injuries that present themselves.

Have you ever been to a class only to leave and disappointed or feeling like you didn’t enjoy yourself? Take a moment to think about if it was the content of the class you didn’t enjoy, or if you just didn’t quite click with the instructor and their style. Don’t give up on the class yet… give it a go with new instructors until you find the right trainer for you. There are plenty of trainers and instructors out there, all with their own unique teaching style. So, don’t fret if you haven’t found someone you like just yet, just keep searching until you do!

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