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Finally we have been promised some sunny, Spring weather this week, and I am bursting with excitement at the prospect of soaking up the sun!



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It seems like it has taken forever and a day, but finally we have been blessed with proper spring weather. Hallelujah! To celebrate the upcoming days of sunshine, I have gone ahead and pledged to spend some time in the sun.

Say what? Pledging time in the sun?…

Look, I know you don’t have to tell me twice to get out and enjoy the sunshine (just one look at my Instagram and that becomes blatantly obvious), but in pledging an hour of my time with the SunHour project, I am committing to getting myself outdoors and supporting a fantastic cause. With every 2,500 hours that are pledged through the website, Golden Circle donate one new bicycle to a less fortunate child in Australia. It feels great knowing that my pledge to spend 1 hour in the sun has just gone towards a little bit of happiness, and a whole lot of outdoor time, for a child.

It is such an easy way to do some good, and a great way to ensure that we are getting away from the screen for a much needed break (adults and kids alike!). Seriously, it is that simple. Will you pledge with me? 

ryanammon-20161005-monica-023657With the forecast for the next week looking the way it is, it is easier than ever to get outdoors! Why not soak up the rays by:

  1.  Going out for coffee with a friend/friends, and finding a nice spot out in the alfresco area. That right there there could be 2 or more hours pledged to the cause… and 1 or more hours of fun in the sun!
  2. Moving your workout outdoors. There are a lot of great outdoor classes at this time of year (seriously, there are close to a billion** on Classpass at the moment), or you can create your own workout at the park. **slight exaggeration
  3. Taking a book down to the beach. Even if it the water is a bit too chilly for your liking, you can still spend time in the sun at one of the most peaceful places on earth.
  4. Attacking your garden. Let’s be honest, we all tend to get a bit lax on the upkeep over winter. So, while it is sunny but not stinkin’ hot, grab your hat and a pair of secateurs and get to work! All the birds in one stone.
  5. Eating your lunch outdoors. Even if you work in an office, this is so easily achievable. If you are guilty of working through your lunch hour too often, you now have a good reason not to.
  6. Washing your car. OK, so it isn’t the funnest thing in the world, but if it gets you outdoors for a good cause, then what the hey?… wash away!

So, how are you going to spend the time you have in the sunshine this week?

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