The Personal Style Evolution

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Your personal style, when examined at any given point, is a direct reflection of your mood, personality and where you are in life


little miss mon bon personal style seed 2little miss mon bon personal style seed 3Seed top | Seed silk culottes | Seed scarf (worn in hair) | Quay sunglasses | ASOS heels
Photos: Ryan Ammon


This morning, my phone conveniently decided to remind me of what was happening on October 4, 2010.

Funnily enough, on that day 6 whole years ago, I was setting my camera up in different spots around the house, taking shy photos of myself to document my outfits right on this here space. Over the last 6 years, my appearance really hasn’t changed much (even Adelle, Emily and Jenelle agree), but Little Miss Mon Bon has changed a great deal – my name has changed a few times, my chosen platform has changed, the quality of writing and photography has drastically improved (if I do say so myself!) and, quite visibly, my personal style has changed.


So, what was 20 year old Mon’s style like?

Fundamentally, my style has always been colourful and fun.

I have vivid memories of some of my favourite outfits when I was a teen, including the bright-blue-stocking-with-matching-bright-blue-Melissa-jelly-flats combo… an outfit that was so incredibly out of place in small town Bunbury, circa 2006. My style as a 20 year old was fairly similar. There was lot’s of colour, print, texture and fun, but it was all a little more juvenile and ill planned than the things I would wear now. I know it doesn’t sound like much has changed, but I can assure you it has.

The difference between the colourful and fun 16 year old me, the colourful and fun 20 year old me, and the colourful and fun 26 year old me, all comes down to the choices I made outside what I always knew I loved. As the years went on, colour and print remained constants in my wardrobe, but the style of the clothing I chose, and how I put it all together, changed to reflect exactly where I was in life.

little miss mon bon personal style seed 4The street phase…

The best example I have of my style reflecting where I was at in life, is my ‘street’ phase. Now, this is a point in my life I often try to pretend never happened (for many reasons), but I just have to accept the past and move on. For a few years there – around the age of 22-24 – I was so impressionable that my partner at the time’s dress sense (amongst other things) started to rub off on me. My go to outfit was my green jeans, black Vans, one of his streetwear t-shirts and my tan and red varsity jacket (beanie optional). Yikes!

It is definitely a far cry from my personal style today!

And I guess the personal style that I represent today is a fantastic indication, again, of where I am at in life. I am happy, confident and comfortable, my partner is very supportive of what I do, and I don’t feel like I have to try and prove myself to anyone. I truly believe that it all shows in what I now choose to wear.

There were periods in my life where I couldn’t leave the house without a padded push up bra – firstly when I was still getting used to my changing body, and then again in the periods of time where I was single. I went through a phase of loving low cut tops and side cut outs, just after I had finished high school and moved to Perth. Of course I was going to give it a shot when I was free to explore fashion away from the concerned eye of my Italian father (sorry dad, ha!). I even fell into the ‘indie’ category between the ages of 21 and 22, favouring my straw boater hat, collection of pins, blue lipstick and cute little vintage bike over all other accessories in my wardrobe.

I guess at any given point in my life, you could analyse any of my outfits and work out what external influences had shaped it. You could do it to anyone and any outfit at any period of time. Why has someone seemingly ‘given up’? What has made someone ditch the dresses in favour of pants and shorts? Your style speaks a lot more about what is going on in your life than some people care to realise…

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