The Slip Dress For A Curvy Girl


If you’ve got them, work out how best to dress them and then flaunt them… your curves that is!



little-miss-mon-bon-asos-slip-dress-5ASOS Dress | Scarf from Ebay | ASOS Heels
Photos: Ryan Ammon

There are some things I just can’t wear thanks to my curves. A normal slip dress is one of them.

For anyone with an hourglass or pear body shape, you will understand the frustration of finding outfits that cling to your curves, only to then gape at the middle. You know you have two options when shopping: having your chest or behind spilling out of your clothing, just so it fits you properly around the waist, or just accepting that everything you buy will be full of safety pins/needs to be taken to the tailor to be taken in. Yep, dressing those curves can be darn tricky!

It is nothing revolutionary, but the best way to flaunt a small waist and ample booty/bosom is to cinch, cinch, CINCH.

Belts, high waisted garments, fit and flare dresses, wrap styles – it is all there for your shopping pleasure, you just have to pick your cinch.

You can’t force your curves to fit into something (well, you can… but it ain’t flattering), but you can find something that fits your curves, then make it fit your waist. Find a slip dress that nicely skims your curves, then make it fit your waist.

This ASOS wrap style slip dress was sent down from heaven by a curvy angle. Clearly, someone on the ASOS design team knew the perils of shopping for a slip when you have curves, and set about fixing that! While a similar fit could be achieved with a loose slip and belt combo, the clean, unbroken lines of this wrap dress are a nice change to constantly belting outfits. It wasn’t rocket science – choosing the most flattering style for curvy women, then combining it with a slip dress – but it was genius.

To all my fellow curvy girls, there IS a slip dress out there for you!


little-miss-mon-bon-asos-slip-dress-4 little-miss-mon-bon-asos-slip-dress-3 little-miss-mon-bon-asos-slip-dress-2 little-miss-mon-bon-asos-slip-dress


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