The Secret To Instagram Success

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Instagram success should be measured in more ways than just the one…


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Success in the social media industry is seemingly defined by numbers. One of the first things anyone will ask in relation to your status as a blogger or social media influencer is, ‘how many Instagram followers do you have?’. Although it is a very valid query, and one that helps prove the worth of businesses engaging the help of an influencer, the number of followers someone has isn’t the be all and end all. That number is merely quantifying, and doesn’t necessarily define someone’s relatability, relevance or quality as a blogger, Instagrammer or social media influencer. There is more to the definition of ‘success’ in the Instagram world, than that number alone.

So, what does make a great, successful Instagram account? High quality imagery and clever captions definitely help, but how else can you ensure you are doing a fantastic job within the saturated Instagram landscape?


The more engaged your audience are with you, the better relationship you can build with them. Receiving 5 honest, considered comments, is far better than 200 emoji only, throw away comments. Having a community of followers who want to engage with you on a deeper level (as opposed to those who are just trying to increase traffic to their own account) means you are not only having some sort of positive impact on them, but it also means that they are far more likely to listen to what you have to say and consider your recommendations.

The best thing ever, is when your followers come back to you and tell you that they tried something you posted about and love it… that in itself is a success.


Anybody with an Instagram account is also a community member. If you want people to interact and engage with you (the follows are bonus points for your input!), then you have to go out and interact with others too. Read people’s captions, respond to their captions, ask questions and be active – just as you would like to see others do with your account. Prove that you are an active and interested member of the community, and watch the results of that trickle through to your own account.

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Resenting your account is not a good feeling. It can can happen for many reasons, and posting what you think you should be posting, instead of posting what you actually want to post, is one of them. If you love posting photos of your homemade breakfasts, but they get 1/2 the amount of likes as anything else, does that really matter? If that is what you love to post, go for it! In posting only the things you think other people will want to see (aka doing everything by the books to ensure maximum likes at all times), you can lose a lot of who you are, and that is never a good thing.

Now, I am not saying this is always the case, but it always pays to do a little audit of your Instagram account, and make sure you aren’t ‘selling out’ and resenting what you do. ‘Selling out’ will have different meanings for different people, so just remember to post what feels good to you.


Give people a reason to follow you. There are so many Instagram accounts around that it is in your best interests to do something that is unique to you. This doesn’t mean you have to come up with something groundbreaking and worthy of a patent – something as simple as throwing as much of your personality into what you do can really set you apart from the millions of other accounts.

Being successful in any social space involves so much more than just a number. While you can’t completely avoid the numbers game if you want to keep furthering yourself within a given space, being mindful that it is not the only definition of success, is the secret to attaining ‘Instagram success’! Changing the parameters by which you measure success means you can set different, attainable goals for yourself, and stop focussing on just one outcome!

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