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bodhi-j-spaIt isn’t often that I get the chance to get to a day spa to be pampered (insert: something about reinvesting the money I do have back into what I do). So, when I finally get the chance, I like to make sure I go to the right place to get pampered properly.

My day spa of choice? Bodhi J Spa.

Yes, it is just around the corner from me in Highgate, but it isn’t just the convenience that has me visiting Bodhi J whenever I can.

Firstly, I am very particular about the atmosphere of the space I choose to relax in. I love big, open spas that transport you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I mean, what else do you go to a day spa for?! Funnily enough, there are a lot of spas about that don’t do much more than transport you to a candle lit, sterile room. Bodhi J is not one of them.

Despite their very central location, Bodhi J is one of the most peaceful and charming spas I have visited in Perth.

Their unique ‘old meets new’ space has so much appeal for both the period home and new home lovers. Just off the reception area, you can find their uniquely Australian, period-style outdoor relaxation space. Personally, the older side of the spa is my favourite as the floorboards, fireplaces and high ceilings all remind me of my grandfather’s grand home!

Secondly, but most importantly, I am very fussy with my face and body care (I know, I know… I bang on about it all the time). Because of this, my choices in hairdresser, beauty therapists and day spas are heavily influenced by the products that they use. Bodhi J? They use Sodashi – an organic, Perth based and totally lux range that I have loved since I first was introduced to them back in 2011.

bodhi-j-spa-7The Sodashi ‘Pure Radiance’ Facial

Needless to say, Bodhi J’s facials now rank at the pointy end of my list of ‘top 3 facials’. I have blissed out to all kinds of different facials; some short and stock standard, one that included a gum massage (yes, a gum massage!) and then there is the Pure Radiance facial. With no less than 10 steps, the calming pure radiance facial is pure indulgence! The sandalwood and rose heavy range is as soothing to my skin as it is my senses, and the extra attention that is paid to my skin leaves it extra soft and glowing.

On my last visit to Bodhi J, I went on an ‘Island Escape’ spa journey. This journey coupled my facial with a nice glass of bubbles and soak, and an hour long full body massage. The facial followed on from the full body massage seamlessly, and I completley lost track of time…

Because too much indulgence is not a thing, right??

If you are about due for a pamper session, I would definitely recommend popping into Bodhi J and checking it out for yourself! Make a day of it at their Pier St location, starting with a yoga class followed by a spa journey, or bring your partner along for a few hours at the Wembley spa. Perhaps you too will leave with a Sodashi obsession and a burning desire to try all of the Bodhi J treatments on offer?





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