Eyelash Extensions: 5 Things You Need To Know About Them


Clearing the air around eyelash extensions…


My every day make up routine is incredibly simple – I wear close to nothing.

Although I might not wear anything on my skin, my eyelashes are the one thing I always take care of before I leave the house. Swiping on some mascara to lengthen my lashes always leaves me feeling awake, done up and pulled together. In saying that, for the last few months I have ditched the mascara bottle and I have been getting my lashes tended to by the lovely ladies at Bronze Bombshell Beauty. Specialising in brows and lashes only, the ladies at Bronze Bombshell are masters at the art of eyelash extensions.

To simplify my incredibly simple beauty routine even further, I have been getting them to apply volume lashes to my natural lashes, with quadruple the effect of any mascara I have ever tried. The difference that a full, lush set of lashes has to a makeup free face is incredible.

You look made up from the moment you wake up!

Before I started getting my lashes done, I had a million and one questions. I knew the extensions could look fantastic, but I had also heard some slightly concerning things about the whole process. After some research, some discussion with Bronze Bombshell Beauty’s owner Lydia, and having my own lashes done a number of times, any of the less than impressive things I had ever heard had been completely dispelled. So, for anyone who has ever considered eyelash extensions but has been a little hesitant, here are 5 things you need to know about them!

  • Your lashes won’t be ruined by the extensions

sm-little-miss-mon-bon-glitter-brows-beauty-2It is quite a common assumption that eyelash extensions will ruin your own natural lashes, but this isn’t necessarily true. If you have strong, healthy lashes, they will withstand almost anything! Even if you don’t have the healthiest of lashes, the new style ‘volume lashes’ are so soft and light in comparison to the traditional style, that they won’t weigh down your own lashes. Even the traditional style of eyelash extension has had a complete makeover since it’s first debut years ago!

Seeing a highly qualified eyelash extension technician is also really important, because they will be able to analyse your lashes, and determine what is going to be best for you and your eye health. They will only apply as many individual lashes as they know you will be able to handle without any damage. Some people can handle 3-4 extensions per lash (for a mega full look), others 2-3, and some just one – but this is something that your technician will advise on.

Your lashes should never be uncomfortable or even noticeable to the wearer!

  • You have to get them refilled

Every 3 -4 weeks, you will need to go in to replace any eyelashes that have fallen out. It isn’t any different to getting your acrylic nails refilled really. Refills are obviously a lot cheaper than the initial set, and the session time is a lot quicker too (around 1 hour instead of 2). If you go too much longer than the 4 weeks and let them all fall out, you will have to sit and have the full set reapplied again at full cost.

  • You will become addicted!

You have been warned!

The results are far superior to anything that any mascara on the market can do, and once you are used to that it can be hard to go back! You will also get used to the look of your extensions and possibly start wanting longer, thicker and curlier extensions… sort of like when you keep wanting darker and darker spray tans!

  • There is very minimal upkeep required

Because your lashes are so full, you can literally wake up, walk straight out the door and feel great. There is no need for mascara (in fact, it will clog up the extensions and make them dirty), and even top liner becomes less of a necessity. All you need to do to maintain them is run a clean mascara brush through them every morning, and give them a little wash with lash shampoo every 2 days or so.

  • You can choose from a few different lengths, styles and weights, meaning you can have almost any outcome you desire!

As mentioned before, you have a choice of how full you want your eyelashes by choosing how many extensions you want applied to each lash (lash health permitting), but that isn’t the only choice you get…

There are also different lengths – you can get them long enough to touch your eyebrows if you please – and different curvatures to choose from too. Playing with different combinations of fullness, length and curve will of course give very different looks. With so many options, it can be daunting knowing what to go with at first. If you are unsure, just ask your technician and they will be able to help you decide.

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