Why Being a ‘Yes Man’ (or Woman) is so Fruitful…


The simple act of saying ‘yes’ can be so, so much more than that!


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sm-little-miss-mon-bon-pickering-brook-valencia-9sm-little-miss-mon-bon-pickering-brook-valencia-3Over the years, I have found myself in a number of situations that I could never have dreamed of being in. There was that time 5ft little me walked in a runway show, the time I got flown to Malaysia with a weeks notice, and most recently, the time that I stood up in front of a high school class and gave them a lesson on blogging. In high school, when the teachers quizzed us about what we wanted to do when we left school, not one of the aforementioned opportunities were even within the realm of being possible (well, I didn’t believe them to be anyway). With my grades and love for chemistry, I thought I was going to be a pharmacist… ha! I couldn’t have been further off the mark.

How did I go from spending hours in a wet lab trying to locate different innards on a cadaver, to teaching teenagers about the online world?

Above all, I put it down to being a ‘yes man’ (or yes woman, whatever you prefer).

Heck, the whole reason I even started this here space was because of that ‘yes man’ attitude.

In the very early stages of my marketing degree, I had been given an opportunity to take on an internship and once that internship had ended, I was on the hunt for another. Cut a long story short, I ended up applying for a position that required a 2nd or 3rd year marketing and PR student… in my first semester of my marketing and management degree. On paper, I wasn’t at all what they were looking for. In my head, I thought ‘well, why the hell not try anyway?’.

I really didn’t know the answers to much of what was asked in the interview, and I was rather deflated about it all. But, being eager to get into the industry, I took it upon myself to go home and find the answers to the questions I couldn’t answer, which is where Little Miss Mon Bon came about. Allowing myself the experience of that interview was a triple win because I gave it a go, I started my blog, and I ended up getting the role!

sm-little-miss-mon-bon-pickering-brook-valencia-6I guess what I am trying to say is that being open to putting yourself out there brings great rewards.

Donald Trump didn’t end up a presidential candidate by twiddling his thumbs behind his desk – he was a yes man. He put himself out there into wildly unfamiliar territory and decided to give it a go… Lord help us all.

Seriously though, having a yes attitude does work wonders. Leaving your comfort zone behind you and accepting opportunities that come your way is a win in itself, but what comes from putting yourself in those situations is even better. The more you say yes and the more you put yourself out there, the more doors open for you. It is a snowball effect. Like I said, 16 year old english-literature-hating-but-chemistry-loving me would never have imagined I would be writing every day for a living, let alone producing pieces for external publications.

You might bomb out, but you still win in the long run…

Even if an opportunity doesn’t work out for you, being able to say you tried is something you should be proud of. Plus, who knows what other opportunities may come from the one that didn’t work out?!

So, in saying all of this, I challenge you all to adopt a ‘yes man’ approach if you don’t already.

Let’s see what opportunities come from it. Perhaps you will find a new job opportunity, or even something crazier a-la my little brother’s random invite to a Sheik wedding one night in India.

Do it for yourself, get a little out of your comfort zone!

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