Christmas Gift Guide: The Lux, The Mid and The Stocking Stuffers


Can you believe it is Christmas again so soon? Where in the world did the year go?!…




Christmas is just a little over 2 weeks away and, if you are anything like me, there is still so much to get organised before the big day. While I haven’t necessarily left the Christmas shopping to the last minute (I started some way back in November!), there are still a few gifts I am yet to decide on and purchase.

In my pursuit of the perfect present, I have flicked through numerous gift guides that have been floating about and found some great ideas from them. So, in the spirit of sharing gift inspiration, I have put together my own Christmas gift guide featuring presents for both him and her. Just don’t forget to make sure you place your order more than a week out from Christmas Day – Australia Post is so slow at this time of the year!

Adorn Cosmetics Ultimate Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

The Mid-Range, $99.00

Know the person you are buying for loves makeup, but not quite sure what colours to go with? Get them the ultimate tester box so they can find their own favourite!

Kailis Sliding Pearl Necklace and Kailis Stellar Ring

The Lux, $650.00 and $840.00

Spoil the lady in your life rotten with a little (well, a lot) of luxe. You can never go wrong with jewellery, diamonds and pearls!

Egidio Alves Capre Madrid Handbag from Elle Et Lui

The Lux, $815.00

If your lady (or mum or sister or friend) is into fashion, then this luxury leather hand bag is sure to be right up their alley! Imported from Portugal exclusively by the Elle Et Lui team, this handbag is one of no more than 3 in Australia – which is fantastic news for anyone who wants something unique! If you are feeling extra generous, you can even get the pair of matching heels to go with!

little-miss-mon-bon-christmas-gift-guide-6Adorn Cosmetics Mineral and Organic Lip Glosses

The Stocking Stuffer, $25.00

Perfect for a secret santa or the finishing touch to a gift made up of a number of bits and bobs

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Wireless Headphones

The Mid-Range, $149.00

Cords are so last year! Update your gift receiver’s headphone game with a fun pair of wireless in ear headphones.

BaByLiss Pro Homelight Compact IPL Machine

The Lux, $399.00

Most women dream of being able to throw away the razor and hot wax, and that dream can come true with the BaByLiss Homelight Compact IPL Machine! Simply download the tracking app to your phone (it is like a coach for your at home treatments) and you will get salon results without all the hassle of booking appointments!

Spa and Wellness Gift Card

The Mid-Range, $100.00 (or any value you wish to put on it)

It is just live giving the gift of a spa treatment, only you can let the receiver choose whichever salon/spa they please on the network (perfect for those that live in another town or city!).

little-miss-mon-bon-christmas-gift-guide-12Jo Malone Perfume

The Lux, $255.00

Perfume is always a failsafe gift for your female friends, partners and relatives. If you really want to impress with fragrance, go for something a little less cliche (as much as I love you, I am looking at you Marc Jacobs Daisy!) and more unique like the Jo Malone range.

YSL Lip Lacquerlittle-miss-mon-bon-christmas-gift-guide-13

The Stocking Stuffer, $36.50

A bit of luxury at just a fraction of the price! Make someone feel super special with a gorgeous YSL gift.

American Tourister Small Spinner Case from Bags To Go

The Lux, $289.00

Good quality hand luggage is always a must for the frequent flyer or avid traveller.

Kailis Carbon Fibre Cuff Links and Metallico Pen Blanc

The Lux, $185.00 and The Mid-Range, $148.00

Buying for men always seems to stress people out. Keep the present buying simple with something elegant, practical and timeless like these Kailis cuff links or pen.

little-miss-mon-bon-christmas-gift-guide-4little-miss-mon-bon-christmas-gift-guideParma Brown Lace Ups from Elle Et Lui

The Lux, $360.00

These are for the fashion forward businessmen of the world… or just a man who appreciates a good shoe. Again, these lace ups are imported by Elle Et Lui directly from Portugal (one of the shoe capitals of Europe) so you know the quality is all there. How could you not appreciate a pair of hand made leather lace ups?!

Louis Onofre Heels from Elle Et Lui

The Lux, $71o.00

Could you get any more festive?! No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a pair of red heels, and what better way to complete it than with these super luxe Louis Onofre heels from Elle Et Lui. They are a limited edition pair (covered in Swarovski crystals!) so they make an extra special gift for that extra special someone.

Jo Malone Christmas Pack

The Lux, $175.00

Can’t make a decision on one Jo Malone scent? Grab a Christmas pack full of minis to let your gift receiver mix and match, layer and choose for themselves!


Calvin Klein One Gold

The Mid-Range, $69.00

Being a unisex fragrance, One Gold is a decently priced bottle that is perfect for the women or men in your life.

Politix Ormond Shoes

The Lux, $229.00

For the man who has everything: a pair of smart casual shoes in a colour that works with almost anything. practical and stylish!

Ruark Integrated Sound System

The Lux, $1,499.00

Now this one is a total splurge, but if you love your man (or woman) and are committed to investing in your home, the Ruark Integreated Sound System is such a cool buy. You can play literally anything you want on it – from digital radio through to Spotify paired through a bluetooth connection from your computer – and it isn’t an eyesore of an entertainment system. You can even buy it in a walnut finish if you want to go all 60s/art deco on the home decor!

little-miss-mon-bon-christmas-gift-guide-11Triangl Bibi Mare Bikini

The Mid-Range, $86.00

A practical Christmas present for any girl in the southern hemisphere.

Lonely Planet: The Travel Book

The Mid-Range, $80.00

This A-Z encyclopaedia of countries and their main attractions is a must-have for any travel enthusiast.

Milkman Grooming Co; Clear Shave Gel

The Stocking Stuffer, $25.00

Get the men in your life away from traditional skin drying shaving creams, and onto something that is great for sensitive skin, soap free and born in WA!

Lonely Planet: From The Source – Japan

The Stocking Stuffer, $34.99

Whether you are buying for a travel enthusiast or a gun in the kitchen, this cookbook-slash-travel-book is as authentic as they come!

Lonely Planet: Best in Travel

The Stocking Stuffer, $24.99

A great little stocking stuffer for anyone with a keen interest in seeing the world.

Craigellachie 23yr Old Single Malt

The Lux, $750.00

For those who like to enjoy a beverage every now and then, an alcoholic gift is always well received. If the person you are buying for is a whisky aficionado, treat them to something really special with a limited edition 23 year old Speyside single malt from Craigellachie (it has only JUST made its way to Australia!). It is a pretty ballsy drop, so it is not one for the faint hearted!

Kambrook Pancake Perfection Maker

The Stocking Stuffer, $49.00

Buying for someone who has everything? Perhaps the novelty of a perfect pancake maker wouldn’t go astray (and you might even get breakfast made for you if you are lucky!)?

Quay Needing Fame Sunglasseslittle-miss-mon-bon-christmas-gift-guide-2

The Mid-Range, $55.00

A pair of frames for your fashion forward friend, just in time for the summer months

Harlequin Belle Wanderlust Wallet

The Mid-Range, $99.00

Made in Melbourne, this leather wallet is not only a practical gift, but an incredibly pretty one too! A new wallet always comes in handy for all of those extra gift cards you accumulate over Christmas.

Woodfold Raindrop Wall Hanging

The Mid-Range, $95.00

A gorgeous, minimal piece that is sure to go with any decor, in any home. You can never go wrong with homewares as gifts!



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