Why I Love An Australian Christmas

There is no denying that Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year!


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Well here we are, just two days out from the big day. Instagram is full of festivity with endless images of snow, candy cane hot chocolates and gingerbread houses… some of the most foreign Christmas traditions for a girl from Perth.

Snow? At Christmas?!

Heck, it doesn’t ever snow in Western Australia, let alone in December!

As we never get them, one day I would love to have the chance to experience a white Christmas. There is a part of me that wants to know what it is like huddling around an open fire drinking egg nog, eating roast turkey and wandering the Christmas markets on Christmas eve with a mulled wine and fresh roasted chestnuts (Note: I have actually done the markets, but it was in between Christmas and New Year’s eve, not in the lead up to Christmas). From everything I have seen of a white Christmas, it looks to be amazing!

But then again, so is our Australian Christmas.

In the absence of snow and gingerbread, an Aussie Christmas is quite unique.

As much as I would like to experience a ‘Hollywood’ Christmas, I wouldn’t trade our Christmases for the world. The summer weather encourages all sorts of outdoor activity, from cooling down poolside or at the beach, to backyard cricket, boat trips and barbecues. We swap out the turkey for prawns and crays (lobsters to my American friends), and the egg nog for ice cold beer and bubbles. A beautiful log fire just isn’t happening when the weather is in the mid 30s, so we sit around the table on the porch and trade stories instead. Big red overcoats, while festive, aren’t quite as right for Australians as a bright red bikini and a sun-kissed skin are. Even Santa wants different things from an Australian Christmas. In my household, Santa didn’t request milk and cookies, he asked for a whisky on the rocks and some peanuts!

While it might not be the Instagram ‘picture perfect’ Christmas that many are used to, I think our take on Christmas is bloody fantastic.

I love an Australian Christmas!

What is your favourite Christmas tradition, Australian or otherwise?


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