Dressing Casual When You Don’t Do Casual

Why would you waste valuable outfit wearing hours on an outfit you weren’t 100% in to?


Le Specs Thunderdome Sunglasses | Ebay neck scarf | Asha The Label top | Refuge denim shorts | Boohoo bag | Glamorous sandals
Photos: Ryan Ammon


Look, I don’t think I need to reiterate how much I love embellishments, patterns and heels, but just for good measure, I will. For that reason alone, a simple outfit of a pair of jeans, cotton slogan tee and kicks just feels so ‘meh’ on me. It feels like too much is missing.

I take my hat off to those ladies that absolutely own such a casual look. It is something I really can’t do comfortably. There has only been one period of my life in which I lived in jeans and vans and, if I am honest, it was a tragic time. Perhaps it has scarred me for life?

After numerous conversations with fellow maximalists and clothing collectors this weekend, I have found I am definitely not alone in not being able to dress to a certain level of casual. Ask myself or my conversation buddies to dress casual, and we will come back with our own compromised version the style.

A casual outfit is just a base to add your own personality and flair should you so wish.

Rather than a fear of being overdressed for something, I have a fear of turning up somewhere and realising that I actually could have thrown a lot more into my outfit. Hence my inability to wear and be confident in just a tee, denim shorts and some sneakers. If the dress code is ‘casual’, the heels, crazy glitz and drama may be left behind, but detail, embellishments, print and colour are not. Life is too short to dress in something you are not totally comfortable in.

Casual doesn’t have to mean androgynous or tom boy if you don’t want it to. Casual can still involve everything you love about dressing up… just pair it all back with some denim and flats!


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