Exhaustion: How to Push Through and Get on With it


A cute little fish once said… “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”


sm-transit-clothing-little-miss-mon-bon-5I returned home from Bali a little over a week ago, and it seems I brought back a good case of exhaustion with me. Perhaps being adamant that I would still wake up to my alarm at 5.15am to get stuck into work (despite tossing and turning all night with terrible anxiety) wasn’t the smartest idea I have had. Of course, it is incredibly difficult trying to get on with your to-do list when you are focussing all of your attention on the task of keeping your eyes open… but, the following day and week must go on (in some capacity)!

As Dory once said, you have to ‘just keep swimming’.

But, keeping things going doesn’t mean continuing on through your exhaustion at full speed and running yourself into the ground! We are all adults here, let’s be sensible about this. Exhaustion and lack of sleep can be dealt with in a far better manner than that. So, if you too have been lacking in the sleep department, here are some of the coping mechanisms I have adopted to deal with the days after those sleepless nights. Perhaps they will help you too?

Cutting down my to-do list

By ‘cutting down’ I mean ‘eliminating anything that isn’t urgent’, and just focussing my energy on the things that need to be done before the end of the day. If it can wait, it will. There is absolutely no point putting extra stress and pressure on yourself when you are exhausted. You are generally more sensitive when you are exhausted, and it is best to avoid any melt downs at all costs. Just take it easy, recover, and just work on the things that urgently need to be done.

sm-transit-clothing-little-miss-mon-bon-2Having a power nap

I know it sounds like a bit of a luxury, but it is amazing what just 20 minutes of shut eye can do for your body. 20 minutes of sleep is a far better use of time than sitting there trying to push through the epic brain fog. That little bit of extra energy will keep you going longer, and it will help you to focus more on the tasks at hand. Even if you work in an office environment, spending 20 minutes of your lunch hour getting some shut eye where you can is well worth it!

Breaking up the day

Agitation is at an all time high when you are tired. You can’t focus on one thing and the smallest of issues has you in tears. With all of the urgent tasks for the day noted, the space in between those tasks can be allocated to something outside of work. Walk down to the store to buy lunch, go pick up the mail, have a mug of tea outdoors, water the plants… anything that takes you away from work mode and has you focussing on something else.  That way, when you go to sit back down and get stuck into it you list of urgent jobs, your brain has had the chance to switch off (and hopefully recharge) for a moment!

Getting some sunshine

Whether this is simply by opening up all the curtains in the house, or going for a wander outside, the sunshine helps so much with lethargy. The bright sunshine signals the body that it is supposed to be awake, and the Vitamin D helps the release of more energy producing hormones. Plus, who doesn’t love sunshine?!

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