Swimsuit Shopping: Finding the Best Style For Your Body

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For many people, the idea of shopping for a new swimsuit is anxiety inducing. But, if you get to know your body and what suits it, then swimsuit shopping is actually quite a breeze…


Triangl swimsuit
Photos: Ryan Ammon
little miss mon bon triangle swim 2 little miss mon bon triangle swim 3Question: how hard could it be to find a little something to maintain your modesty whilst swimming?
Answer: very bloody hard… if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Swimsuit, jeans and Christmas shopping – 3 of the most stressful shopping experiences one can put themselves through. It can be daunting trying on bikini after bikini, one-piece after one-piece, attempting to work out which one makes you feel more comfortable than the other. Standing so scantily clad in front of a mirror, and trying on a whole bunch of swimsuits that just aren’t quite right, really isn’t going to make you feel fabulous about shopping for new swimmers.

The best way to beat it?

Learn your body and learn what suits it.

Now, I know it isn’t always going to be as easy as 1-2-3, but even just starting with knowing what suits your body is a huge step towards lessening the stress of swimsuit shopping.

So, what sort of swimwear is best for you and your shape?

It goes without saying that whatever makes you feel fabulous is what is right for you. But, from a styling point of view, there are different cuts that will look better on certain features than others. It is also worth mentioning, that the old ‘pear, apple, surfboard’ body shape guide is so outdated and it is entirely possible for you to be a healthy combination of a few different body types.

little miss mon bon triangle swim 4Got a booty that would make Beyonce proud?

Contrary to what you may think, covering up a rotund rear in a full bikini will not flatter it. The more material there is, the wider your booty will appear (I look like I am smuggling a wombat back there if I try to cover it all up!). So embrace and flatter that bountiful butt in a pretty Brazilian cut! There is actually no rear that a Brazilian cut won’t flattered – large or small! The smaller cut adds shape to a flat butt, and accentuates those curves of a larger booty.

Broader shoulders?

Steer clear of the traditional halter bikini as the narrow neck line only broadens the shoulders further. Instead, try something asymmetrical or bralette style – something that draws the focus away from the line straight across your chest.

Are you a lucky lady with a larger bust?

Rule #1: string bikinis are not your friend! Balconette bras, or something with an underwire are always going to be your best bet. Triangl Swim actually have a fantastic sizing system very similar to the traditional bra sizings, so you can buy a larger cup size on a smaller back if need be. Just have a chat to their friendly online support team to help find the right size. This is what I did when looking for this bikini (and my second Triangl bikini which you will see soon), and I am beyond happy that I found something that actually fits me properly.

Smaller bust?

Well, you have the luxury of being able to wear what ever top you please! You can give all the trendy styles a go, and thinner straps are no problem for you! Though, if you want to enhance your bust a little, look for pieces with frilly details or padding for a little assistance.

Trends will come and go, but the styles that flatter your particular body shape will not change.

It may take a few fails to find the wins, but once you have the cuts that suit your body worked out, shopping for swimwear will be an absolute breeze! Have you found any brands that you think cater well for all different body shapes? I would love to know!

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