In Transit: Bali

7 girls, 14 suitcases, 1 van and a whole lot of humidity fun!


Photos: Littlek and myself
All outfits by Transit Clothing

While it has been well documented on my Instagram account, not much of my recent trip to Bali has been shared on here yet.

That is about to change my friends! I present to you, a little photo diary from those few days in November!

I am no stranger to Bali. In fact, this trip marked my fifth to the island, and my third for the year. Why do I keep going back?

Well, that is simple.

I love Bali.

For a short 3 nights and 3 days, myself, Eden, Emily, Chelsea, Grace, Kim, and Liz (Transit Clothing‘s woman on the ground), were lucky enough to soak up all that Bali has to offer. While we were there primarily to shoot new season Transit drops, we also found ourselves with ample time for holiday-ing.

Bali has long been a hot spot for Perth locals, and in the last year or two, a spotlight has been shone on it by the rest of the world too. It really isn’t hard to see why.

It is crazy how diverse such a small place can be.

There is something for everyone in Bali – the adventurer, the nature lover, the family or the luxury traveller. On one side of the island there is perfect white sand and sparkling green water, on the other black volcanic sand and sheer cliff faces. In between, there are rice fields, thick tropical rainforest and cute little local stores; but there are also 5 star eateries, beach clubs and giant Starbucks’ for all of those creature comforts, should you so need them. The locals are always smiling, and if you are a nice tourist (read: aren’t self entitled and being unreasonable) you get pretty good banter from them too. It is busy but at the same time serene.

A perfect contradiction, Bali is a true blend of traditional and modern.

The lifestyle in Bali is one that many westerners dream of – tropical, fun and laid back. It made sense for Transit to choose it as the location for this content gathering trip… and I wasn’t going to argue! Who doesn’t want to be whiling their days away in the tropical heat, cocktail in hand?

A massive thanks to Transit Clothing for helping me to cap off a wonderful year in a wonderful way!

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