5 Trends I Can’t Believe We Survived Without

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There are some trends I love so much I don’t consider them to be trends anymore, because it would be hard to imagine going back to a time where they weren’t a thing!


Asha playsuit | Karen Walker sunglasses | Skinnydip London clutch | ASOS heels
Photos: Ryan Ammon

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It really isn’t often that you will hear me banging on about how much I love a trend. Trend based fashion just isn’t for me. I much prefer seeing someone express their personality and style through fashion – regardless of what is on trend and what is not – than I do seeing someone dressed head to toe in the season’s big ticket items. Each to their own, just my personal preference.

Despite my aversion to most trending items, there are a few that I have loved and adopted over the years. Some I have loved so much that they have become a permanent fixture in my wardrobe and style, and I can’t see myself giving them away any time soon… even if the fashion industry doesn’t deem them as cool any more.


I have said it time and time again – off shoulder is such a flattering and effortlessly sexy look. Sure, it might be highly impractical if you actually need to use your arms (note: ease of arm movement depends on the garment and style), but I am yet to see one off shoulder top, dress or jumpsuit that didn’t flatter the shoulders.


Let’s not ever go back to the 2000’s… specifically to the makeup and eyebrows of the 2000’s. Could you even call the over-plucked lines of hair ‘eyebrows’? Thank the makeup Gods that full eyebrows became trendy, because the difference a well shaped, full, eyebrow makes to your overall appearance unbelievable.

little miss mon bon karen walker trends 4CAMISOLES

Akin to the off shoulder top, the camisole is universally flattering. Compared to sleeveless tanks, the camisole is far more feminine, and it give the illusion of slimmer shoulders and arms – win win win. The only sleeveless tops I wear these days are camisoles!


A high waist or cinched waist adds curves, accentuates existing curves and keeps all of your toosh covered (oh the jeans of the ‘noughties’, how you haunt us!). The return of the high waist was clearly a good move by the fashion industry. It hasn’t gone anywhere for a good while now!


While I do believe that the trend has been taken a little too far in some instances, the fact that you can now buy beautiful slides almost anywhere is a fantastic thing. Way more stylish than flip flops, the slide is just as easy, even more comfortable (I can’t deal with things between my toes) and can be as casual or dressed up as you please.

What are the trends that have come through (and possibly passed) that you can’t see yourself living without?

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