Australia Day – A Celebration That I Love, On The Wrong Day

Tomorrow we celebrate Australia Day, our national day. I have many conflicting feelings about the day, as do many other Australians…



House of Cannon dress | Le Specs sunglasses | Old backpack | Old shoes
Photos: Ryan Ammon

January 26, Australia Day.

Australia Day is a day that is marked for us to celebrate our beautiful, diverse, lucky country. On the other side of the coin, it is also a day that signifies the colonisation of Australia, bringing up all of the wrong doing to (and heartbreak for) our Indigenous people. Unfortunately, our ancestors did unspeakable things to the native people of our land, and the effects of that ripple on through to today’s society. As such, there is a strong movement behind having the celebrations moved to another date. That is a movement that I can totally get behind.

You see, I love what the Australia Day celebrations stand for. I am a proud second generation Australian. There is no reason that we shouldn’t be able to celebrate being a part of such an amazing country and culture. There is also no reason that it has to be celebrated on a day synonymous with our Indigenous people having their culture completely uprooted. Thankfully, we are trying to make amends now, but it just doesn’t seem right for us to celebrate on such a day.

Politics and dates aside (but definitely not forgotten), I believe the premise of Australia Day is a fabulous one.

Nothing makes me smile more than sharing other Australians’ pride of their country, and seeing them doing their country proud. I love getting behind all of the unique things that make our culture what it is, even if it is considered a little ‘bogan’.

I always celebrate Australia Day to the tunes of the Triple J Hottest 100 count down; always ensuring my own votes count towards 10 Aussie songs (anyone else banking on Illy taking out the top spot?). Not one Australia Day has gone by without the ocean, a blow up pool or a slip n’ slide. I even get a little corny and make sure I have stocked up on a bunch of typical Australian foods; vegemite for breakfast, some barbecued snags for lunch and a fab Margaret River wine to wash everything down with. Heck, I damn well swell with pride and get emotional watching the welcome to country and fireworks displays.

The line is drawn at wearing our flag as a mini dress though… nothing about that bodes well with me.

There is no need to refashion our flag and use it as a garment. Especially if you plan on being an alcohol fuelled menace (read: not ‘Australian’ at all). Instead, I do my best to support Australian brands and I sport my locally designed and/or made fare. With my clothing allowance mostly going towards Aussie brands of late, I won’t have any trouble finding something to wear tomorrow.

Seeing as it is set to be 38 degrees tomorrow, my new House of Cannon Dress and heels probably won’t cut the mustard. I might just be sporting a bikini for the day, but guess who made sure she has a bikini from an Aussie brand? You guessed it…

How do you celebrate your Australia Day? Do you support the date change too?

























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