Cute Valentine’s Day Dates That Cost Little to Nothing

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Because spending a fortune on Valentines Day isn’t everyone’s idea of romance…


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valentines day pearl little miss mon bon 3We are just 2 weeks out from Valentines day, and it is on everyones minds and marketing calendars. With every year that passes, I feel all of our major holidays and ‘celebratory days’ are pushed further into commercialisation. It is actually getting a little out of hand. Why exactly are we seeing hot cross buns for sale just a few days after Christmas, and jewellery stores bombarding us with Valentines day “specials” for $1000.00 gold necklaces???

It all seems a little far fetched and totally removed from the point of the day of celebration. Don’t get me wrong, if you are happy to buy Hot Cross buns in January and spend up big on spoiling your loved one on Valentines day, by all means go for it. It just isn’t right to feel pressured by retailers into doing so. I guess you can tell which camp I sit in!

I still think a lovely home cooked meal, a bunch of whatever flowers you can afford/find in the garden, and a heartfelt card go a very long way on Valentines day.

The reasoning behind Valentines day is a very beautiful one – the celebration of love. There as so many fun, romantic things that you can do to celebrate love with your loved one; things that don’t involve an expensive, tacky, set menu full of aphrodisiacs (although I do love oysters). In fact, there are umpteen free things you can do, or at least things that won’t cost you more than a home cooked meal. Personally, I find the time spent together is more valuable than any expensive gift my man could buy me on a prescribed day of gift giving. Hopefully this Valentines day I can convince him to do at least one of the following with me…

valentines day pearl little miss mon bon 4Catch the sunset on the beach

Pack a bottle of wine and a picnic blanket into the car, and head to the coast to watch the sun set together (just make sure one of you nominates themselves as the designated driver!). Make it extra special and pack a picnic and candles, and dress up for the occasion!

Go ice skating or roller skating

Unleash the inner child and pop on a pair of skates each. While it isn’t free to hire skates and go for a session, it is a heck of a lot cheaper than some other date night options (and funnier… who doesn’t secretly want to laugh at their partner looking like a baby giraffe??).

Have a board game night

Switch the TV off and spend a few hours laughing, chatting and getting competitive over board games. Throw in a beautiful home cooked meal and a cocktail or two, and you have yourself the perfect evening in!

Make an extra special dinner

Set up a cute little space outside (or indoors if you don’t have the outdoor space) with candles/fairy lights, flowers and pretty table dressings, and serve up one of your finest dishes. Not many of us go to much more effort than putting some plates and cutlery on the table, so the extra effort on Valentines day means a lot.

Go to the arcade

For $20.00 each, you can manage a few games together. I can guarantee you will be wetting yourselves laughing at each other in no time at all! Keep in the sideshow theme and head out for an ice cream afterwards!

What do you normally do for Valentines day? Are you the lavish celebrator, or do you prefer to keep things a little more low key?

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