Yellow – Why it is My Colour of the Season

You may have noticed my fondness for yellow on Instagram and the blog of late. I just can’t help but love yellow, and here is why…


Dress from The Juice Market | Collette Bag | Nine West Heels | Quay Sunglasses
Photos: Ryan Ammon

Yellow: my colour of the season (slash forever).

There isn’t a mood that a pop of ‘buttercup’ or ‘dandelion’ can’t brighten. Heck, even Pantone couldn’t hide their cheer in the naming process. ‘Lemon tonic’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Verbena’… it all sounds just as happy as it looks. In the western world, yellow is associated with joy, energy, happiness and intellect. It is the colour of sunshine, summer and cute little bumblebees; and the colour of a really good portion of my wardrobe at the moment.

Not only does it make me smile from ear to ear, yellow reflects my current mood and outlook on life. It was almost as if someone flicked a switch in me towards the very end of 2016; a switch that cleared the clouds out of my head, engaged more determination and turned on a big flashing neon sign in my brain that said ‘I don’t give a f**k anymore’. I stand by my belief that the way you dress is an extension of your mood and personality, and my gravitation towards all things yellow is the perfect example of this.

The immense relief, and consequent joy, that I currently feel could not be better displayed than through a billowing, yellow maxi.

You can’t hide in yellow. It commands attention and shows a certain sort of boldness in your personality. Not satisfied with feeling like I am wearing what everyone else is wearing, a bold colour that a lot of people are intimated by is my go-to. It is also oddly affirming of my refreshed sense of determination – bold colour, bold personality, clear direction.


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