Cambodia: A Sneak Peek at My Recent Travels

Cambodia – a country and culture that blew my mind, and totally exceeded my expectations…


I have been back from Cambodia for just over a week now, and although my limited updates on the blog would suggest otherwise, I have so much to share with you from the trip! Time has been scarce since getting back, but I am getting there!

While I play catch up, generate new content, edit the oodles of Cambodia content and just get on with life, I thought I would get you excited with for what is to come with a little snippet from my trip…

All up, I was away for 4 days and 4 nights. 4 days didn’t feel like enough time in Siem Reap, but we still managed a lot. In just over 4 days, we did a sunrise session at Angkor Wat, met a whole bunch of intriguing people from all different walks of life, ate ants (purposely), had an impromptu shoot for a hotel, learned an encyclopaedia’s worth of information on local wildlife, and explored many pagodas and monasteries. There is just so much to do in one small city!

From the bustling, modern city centre and sprawling resorts, to the bare countryside and incredibly simple huts, there was so much to take in. For a country that still holds such a strong culture, Cambodia is incredibly diverse.

I left Cambodia inspired, and totally humbled. Having the opportunity to be in such a culturally rich country, and learn so much about the people, is an experience that I will never forget. In being there, I learned things I may not otherwise have been so lucky to learn. Rest assured, I will be back some day.

Stay tuned for more of my Cambodia travels in the coming weeks… (there is even video!)

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