Valentines Day – What I Have Learned About Relationships

As we celebrate love across the world, I am reflecting on the things I have learned about relationships, from past relationships…



Oh hey there, it has been a while!

Finally, after some time away (stay tuned for more on my Cambodia adventure) and some more damn technical issues, I am back!

Just before I get stuck into a game of Scrabble with my man (yes, I listened to my own Valentines Day date suggestions), I thought I would share my very subtle Valentines Day outfit, and a few ramblings about relationships. I am no expert on love, but I have experienced it, I currently feel it, and I know a few things about what it takes to ensure you don’t fall out of it…

Relationships are meant to be easy, but they take a lot of work.

How is that for an oxymoron?! A relationship shouldn’t be hard work, and you should never, ever be questioning your commitment to one. Believe you me, I have found myself in this situation far too many times. In saying this, it is essential to put in a considerable amount of effort, in order to make a relationship work. You must be willing to compromise, learn and grow, in order for your relationship to do so too. Sometimes it can be a challenge and a half learning to compromise (or even to suck it up and do things you don’t want to), but it is all part and parcel of a good relationship.

A good relationship is also about communication.

Good communication doesn’t just mean being transparent, it is also about having the ability to share your thoughts and emotions rationally. I have been in a relationship with someone who yelled… a lot… about everything… and it ruined far more than it fixed. Being mature and level headed enough to calmly talk through any issues makes the world of difference. You can say a lot of things that you regret in a moment of anger, so it is worth teaching yourself to take the time to calm yourself down, and emote anything other than anger. Nothing is ever solved in a yelling match with each other.

And finally, a good relationship requires acceptance.

If you can accept the cuddles, kisses and showings of affection, you also need to be able to accept the teasing, mood swings and fart jokes. The beauty of meeting someone and falling in love with them is learning everything about them – and I mean everything! The journey is so much fun, even if it is peppered with things that aren’t all sunshine and daisies! Learning to respect someone’s differences, and allow them their space and time when they need (no grumpy girlfriends interrupting a boys night!), is the ultimate show of love.

Who doesn’t want to be with someone that respects them, but is 100% there for them when they need?!


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