My Daily Skincare Routine With McArthur Skincare

A little bit of insight into what I use on my skin every day…


Skincare is not something I have always been in to. For many years, all I did was cleanse my skin (yes, really!), as I really didn’t find much need for all the rest of the ‘typical’ routine. OK, so maybe occasionally I would pop some moisturiser on if my skin felt a bit dry. That was literally it.

Over the years, I have tried many different routines involving many different products, but I have stuck with my current 2-3 step routine for a reason. I used to feel guilty about skipping out certain skincare steps, but after seeing a dermatologist not so long ago, it turns out my minimal daily routine was actually quite perfect for my skin’s needs. After much trial and error, I had actually found a skincare regime that my skin needed all on my own! I guess you always know what works best for your own skin!

For the sake of all of the other ladies out there who – like me – don’t have a 3-5 step skincare regime, I teamed up with McArthur Skincare again (I have been using their products for around 6 months now) to show you all through my daily skincare routine. I admit, it is a very simple routine, but not everybody needs the same thing for their skin….



*** Sponsored by McArthur Skincare. All opinions are my own. Recommendations are provided on my own personal experience
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