The Saturday Night Sequin Statement Piece

Adding some sparkle to my Saturday night in a sequin maxi…


ASOS top | Beginning Boutique skirt | ASOS heels | Mimco clutch


My love affair with sequins is absolutely no secret.

I always try to find ways to work them in to my day time wardrobe subtly, and I love nothing more than busting out a blingy, fully sequinned garment for parties.

If you are looking for the perfect statement piece, trust me, reach for the sequins.

I know a lot of people have reservations about wearing sequins, but they needn’t. Sequins really don’t need to be gaudy or tacky (although, if not careful, they can easily go there!). If this is a fear, simply opt for darker coloured sequins, ones with a more matte finish, or find a garment with patches of sequin embellishment instead of an all-over finish. Clearly, I have no reservations about the all over sparkle!

Although traditionally the scariest, a block coloured sequin garment – like this rose gold maxi skirt I picked up recently – is probably the easiest of sequinned garments to work into any wardrobe, as you can treat it just like any other block coloured piece. Yes, the texture and shine dials have been turned right up, but essentially, they are still one block colour. In the case of this skirt, I can pair it back with exactly the pieces I would with any other blush or metallic rose gold skirt. If you opted for black sequins, then the garment would fit even more seamlessly into your wardrobe!

Sequins really are the best (and one of the easiest) statements to make!

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