How To Take Sequins From Night to Day

Taking sequins – something traditionally associated with night time events and dance concerts – and making them applicable to every day wear.



I am no stranger to wearing some of my favourite, most dressy pieces during the daylight hours. Sequins especially. For years, I copped stares for deciding to wear stilettos around the city, a giant bow in my hair, or a nice lace skirt out to brunch, but I never let the questionable stares stop me! In fact, they only added fuel to my desire to not look like everyone else walking the street.

There is nothing wrong with wearing your favourite things about evening wear, during the day.

Sequinned garments have always been some more challenging ‘evening wear’ looks to bring into the daylight hours, because the risk of looking like a walking, talking disco ball is all too real.
But, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.
If we can wear jeans with embroidery, loafers with pearls, silk pyjama sets, and velvet dresses in the middle of the day, it is entirely possible for you to wear sequins too.

A few years back, I touched on the topic of how to wear sequins during the day. Now that the minimalist trend is being challenged by maximalism and opulence, I only see it fitting to revisit my tips.


Choose less ‘jazzy’ embellishments

The laser sequin is the shiniest of them all. Usually reserved for dance costumes, the laser sequin is few and far between when it comes to fashion. As an ex-dancer, I have been covered in my fair share of these holographic sequins, but I have never come across them in my wardrobe. They are out there, but most reputable brands won’t use them on a fashion garment. When choosing a sequinned piece to work into your day wear, stick to brands you know and trust, and go for a piece that features matt or milky finish sequins. That also means no silver or gold during the day, but pastels and earthy tones get a big tick (these colours will lesson the ‘disco ball’ effect you will get with gold, silver or laser sequins)

Tone the whole outfit down with loose, casual cuts and materials

Pairing your sequins with stilettos and a tight pencil skirt may work wonders for an evening event, but it is way over the top for a day time outfit. Sequins are already incredibly feminine, so try to avoid adding more feminine elements to your outfit. Throwing on a slouchy piece immediately takes an outfit down a few notches and closer to the casual end of the scale. Dress your daytime sequins down with an oversized coat, drop-crotch pants, denim or even sneakers. Don’t be scared to mix it up a little and play with the masculine/feminine balance. Sequins are already incredibly feminine, so try to avoid adding more feminine elements to your outfit.

Keep it simple

Remember, the sequins are a huge focal point of your outfit, so keep your hair and makeup nice and simple. Red lips and heavy brows will immediately up the ante of an outfit, so opt for neutral colours and minimal fuss to keep those sequins more casual during the day. 

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