Style Is All About A Story… It Isn’t Just Fashion

Everything that you piece together to form your own style, has it’s own story…


Hat, bag and necklace all from Cambodia | Asha top | Refuge shorts | Zara shoes | Le Specs ‘Kandygram’ sunglasses
Photos: Vanessa Nguyen


Fashion has always been said to be fleeting. One day something is ‘in’, and the next, it is out. Style, on the other hand, is something that grows and develops with you, adding to your own story. Personal style is so much more than what the current trends dictate is fashionable.

My favourite pieces in my wardrobe are the pieces that have a memory or story attached to them. They are the longest lasting in my wardrobe, even if they aren’t particularly the most ‘fashionable’ of items. But, when worn with conviction, love and – of course – the right thing, they form an integral part of my personal style. I love being reminded of why I chose a piece, and why I made it a part of my wardrobe.

Style has a story, it has depth.

Take, for example, this hat, necklace and bag that I purchased in Cambodia. The hat was handwoven by a Cambodian lady, and given to me as a welcome gift from Heritage Suites Hotel when I checked in. It is rough, generally worn by farmers, and probably a bit long in the crown than it needs to be. To me, it is perfect. It has a story. It talks of more than just mass production, and it has a back story as well as my own memories attached to it. So to do the necklace (that I probably would never have purchased if there was similar in Australia), and the bag.

Not everything is going to have an out-of-this-world memory or amazing back story to it, but for the most part, the things you hold on to the longest are all there for a reason. Perhaps you purchased it because it was the most luxurious merino you had ever felt, you started wearing lace up heels because they remind you of your ballet years, or you wear it every day because your parents gave it to you for your 18th. Whatever the reason, you choose to wear certain pieces for the memories they hold and the value that they have to you.

To me, that is the essence of style.


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