Trans-Seasonal Dressing: Making the Most of Your Summer Pieces

It pains me to start saying my goodbyes to the beautiful, sunny summer weather, and start pulling out my winter outerwear. But it isn’t a final goodbye to my summer dresses and playsuits just yet… yep, it is trans-seasonal dressing time again!


Asha jumpsuit from Transit Clothing | Supre coatigan | Vintage bag | Minkpink sunglasses | Nine West heels
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Autumn is officially here.

We are smack bang in the middle of the sort of weather where you require a jacket in the morning, just a camisole and shorts at mid-day, and perhaps a light cover up for the late afternoon. March weather is all over the place!

In some respects, this sort of weather does make me a little happy, even if it is an indication that we will soon be lucky if we are pushing 22 degrees. While it isn’t my favourite sunshiney, summer weather, experiencing 4-seasons-in-one-day has it’s perks. The first perk being that you can still get away with wearing all of your summer favourites – layered up to deal with the daily temperature variances of course!

Trans-seasonal dressing is about making the previous season last just that little bit longer.

As a ‘summer girl’, I always want to make the most of the largest section of my wardrobe (dresses, skirts, shorts and playsuits, of course!). When the weather starts to cool down, I don’t ditch those items, I just start adding some more wintery pieces to keep me warm! Layering your favourite flirty playsuit with knits, coats, bombers and long sleeved shirts extends their shelf life, and prepares you for both the cooler mornings and the warmth in the middle of the day.

What a juxtaposition – sun dresses and knitwear.

Theoretically, it might not make sense, but in fluctuating weather, mixing your summer with your winter is incredibly practical. While you might not be pulling out your duck down puffer jackets just yet, lighter weight coats and jumpers definitely come in handy. If they can fold up to fit into your bag when you are not wearing it, bonus!


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